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Zynstra for the Business Leader

Zynstra’s hybrid IT approach provides a new, cost effective option for business leaders who require advanced branch and office IT, but don’t have access to the capital and technical resources traditionally required for such capabilities.

The Business Challenges

Business leaders, particularly those of small businesses or a growing number of offices / branches , want their IT to be a secure, worry free engine for their business, delivering all the application and processing power needed to grow and adapt to ever changing conditions. But IT can’t be allowed to be a drain on resources, both human and financial, and it can’t distract from the job of running the business.
Large enterprises can employ teams of expensive IT professionals to support and maintain the very best that the IT industry has to offer, and to deal with the grinding support issues such as IT security, backup, disaster recovery, and keeping everything up to date and running. The challenge for the smaller to mid-size operations is how to have access to the same level of capability, but without the resource drain.

Hybrid IT as a Service is the solution you need

The IT landscape is changing, and it is now possible to implement state of the art IT without consuming scarce capital or management attention. Hybrid IT as a Service, combining on site IT with the cloud and delivered as a managed service, opens up new opportunities to select the best IT solution for the business, regardless of size or resource. It provides state of the art IT to power your business, managed and always up to date, all for a predictable monthly fee.

You can scale the size of your IT investment to your business need, paying for what you require today, but confident that you can expand to meet tomorrow’s requirements, without the need for expensive upgrades. It provides a greater opportunity to increase flexibility and scalability, and because it’s a managed service, it just works – no worries and no distraction.

How Zynstra Helps

Zynstra’s Cloud Managed Servers deliver enterprise-grade IT for a predictable subscription price that is cost-effective for even the smallest organization or branch. Delivered as a service, our solutions can reduce IT infrastructure costs by up to 60%. They are easy to install, easy to run, and are kept up to date and secure, delivering affordable, worry free IT.

Learn more about our Cloud Managed Servers and how our Hybrid IT Platform can deliver the solutions IT you require:

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