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Remote Office & Branch IT

Hybrid IT typically refers to the convergence and integration of on-premises IT usually run in a private cloud and remotely hosted IT services, including those run in a public cloud.

Transforming IT for Remote Office and Branches

Remote and branch offices now need powerful IT, but without the need for local IT expertise. Zynstra delivers powerful hyperconverged ROBO IT with simple management.

A new era for remote office and branch IT

The demands on remote and branch IT solutions, and particularly on branch solutions where customer interactions happen, are growing every day. They now need to support multiple advanced applications, ranging from real time analytics, advanced graphic interaction systems, IoT implementations, to mobile solutions.

What’s now needed is advanced virtualized branch/remote office IT with the flexibility to adapt to ever changing business requirements, but without the need for local IT skills, and with minimized support and management overheads.

A hyperconverged architecture

Hyperconvergence started in large datacenters, where it has brought great benefits of simplicity, flexibility and cost efficiency. But the requirement and environment in branches are very different from a datacentre. What’s now needed is a hyperconverged branch solution that delivers advanced capability with simplicity.

At Zynstra we believe that hyperconvergence, in the correct form factor, can bring massive benefits to the small to medium businesses or sites today. We have designed a hyperconverged branch solution from the ground up – specifically designed to meet these needs – a solution that tightly integrates compute, storage, virtualization and other IT functions into a single, easy to implement, easy to manage solution.

Partnering with HPE

Hewlett Packard Enterprise, together with Zynstra software, have built a server for the cloud era; The HPE ProLiant Easy Connect Managed Hybrid Server. This unique hyperconverged solution simplifies IT for the Remote Office and Branch market, while providing significant cost savings across your IT infrastructure.

The Zynstra Approach

We create purpose built software for remote offices and branches. Our unique software delivers advanced branch IT, enabling customers to choose the latest local applications they require, without the need for local IT expertise and with minimized central support costs.

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