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Partnering with Hewlett Packard Enterprise

Transforming IT for Remote Offices and Branches.

The Partnership Story

In April 2016 Zynstra unveiled a new global agreement with Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE), under which HPE will package Zynstra virtualization and cloud management software as a key part of its new HPE ProLiant Easy Connect Managed Hybrid Solution. The agreement marked the launch of the HPE ProLiant Easy Connect EC200a with its unique form factor enabling simple deployment for customers across multiple sites.

In November 2016, the relationship was extended to include the integration of Zynstra’s virtualisation and cloud management software into HPE’s new ProLiant Easy Connect ML110 Managed Hybrid Server, increasing the market reach of the product, to better serve businesses and educational establishments with larger numbers of IT users.

Zynstra and HPE have undertaken cooperative development of the Easy Connect Managed Hybrid Solution hardware and software to deliver a server for the cloud era, providing small business, education establishments and branch offices with all the IT they need in one simple, unique design. The solution is pre-integrated with cloud services, and managed and updated via the cloud, bringing advanced capabilities without complexity.

HPE sells the ProLiant Easy Connect Managed Hybrid Solution through its server channels worldwide, starting in North America and the UK.

For Remote and Branch Offices

Enterprise Grade IT with reduced cost and complexity for managing a distributed IT network

HPE Easy Connect

Zynstra Remote Office Management

Enterprise branch IT

For the small to medium business

Designed with the needs of SMBs in mind, this turnkey hyperconverged solution features simple deployment and ease of management

HPE Easy Connect

Zynstra SMB IT

For educational establishments

Secure and affordable ICT, with the speed of performance that modern day IT users have come to expect

HPE Easy Connect

Zynstra Education IT

Why do I need it?

Today, what organizations need is reliable on-premise IT service delivery, integrated with the cloud for SaaS applications, and managed through the cloud for cost reduction and ease of load on the IT team. Companies with remote branches and offices, and SMB’s, have unique technical requirements, with cost, flexibility and ease of use among their key considerations. The HPE ProLiant Easy Connect range enables customers to transform to a cost-effective and robust hybrid IT infrastructure.

The HPE ProLiant Easy Connect solution combines virtualization and cloud management capabilities in a unique form factor. The flexibility of this form factor reduces hardware footprint and the complexity of on-premises IT. What’s more, core IT services are pre-staged on the server before it arrives so it’s easy to buy, use, and manage.

The Zynstra Approach

We create purpose built software for remote offices and branches: powerful hyperconverged branch IT with simple management. By undertaking extensive cooperative development, we deliver a pre-integrated solution that is ideal for organizations that have remote offices and branches with up to 150 users per site. The solution comes pre-integrated with cloud services and powerful cloud management capabilities, combining the benefits of on-premise IT with the scalability and cost benefits of the cloud.

HPE Easy Connect

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