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Why Hybrid IT?

Hybrid IT - the convergence and integration of on-premises IT, cloud and remotely hosted IT services, including those run in a public cloud – is the new architecture of choice for distributed organizations.

Hybrid IT is the new norm


The assumption that the best place for all applications is in the cloud no longer holds true. Organizations want to choose which applications and data they hold locally on site, and which they want to move to the cloud. This approach is called Hybrid IT. It’s a pragmatic and sensible approach, and is being adopted by large and small organizations as the new norm in IT architecture.

This option provides the greatest opportunity to increase flexibility, ensure your organization can become more agile and respond to market, competitor and industry trends. The combination of a more cost-effective OPEX financial model and secure future-proof technology ensures your IT supports and protects your organization today, tomorrow and beyond.

A hyperconverged architecture


Put simply, hyperconvergence brings the benefits of the cloud to the premises, with flexible and expandable capabilities easily available without expensive and complex IT projects being required. This offers multiple industries a software-defined and scalable method of IT management across multiple offices and branches.

When combined with a hybrid cloud strategy, organizations can achieve maximum flexibility on where workloads are carried out, and can enjoy cloud like benefits across their IT estate, regardless of location.

At Zynstra we are committed to bringing the benefits of hyperconvergence to remote and branch offices to deliver a true hybrid IT environment. We believe that this technological approach not only brings true benefits today, but is the cornerstone upon which future distributed IT will be built.

Why do I need it?

Until now, small and mid-sized branches, offices or businesses have been encouraged to decide between on-premises IT or remotely hosted cloud services.

Cloud applications have changed how companies operate. However, a cloud-first strategy is not a cloud-only strategy. Many new and innovative applications (as well as most legacy ones) require IT infrastructure on site. Consequently, although the public cloud has a significant role to play in branch and small site IT, it does not support some of the most demanding business requirements. A hybrid architecture can solve this problem, allowing applications to run where they can have the best business impact.

The Zynstra Approach

Zynstra Hybrid Cloud and Cloud Management Server Software represent a fundamental shift in how IT can be consumed by small and medium sites and organizations, utilizing the latest technology to deliver new levels of capability, cost effectiveness, and simplicity of use.
Zynstra and HPE have undertaken cooperative development of the HPE ProLiant Easy Connect hardware and software to deliver a server for the cloud era, providing remote and branch offices, small business and education establishments, with all the IT small sites need in one simple, unique design. The solution is pre-integrated with cloud services, and managed and updated via the cloud, bringing advanced capabilities without complexity, with an affordable subscription payment model.

Learn more about how Zynstra Hybrid IT delivers the IT you need:

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