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Zynstra for the IT Professional

Zynstra’s hybrid IT approach provides a new, cost effective option for IT Pros who want to deliver a state of the art IT environment to meet growing business demands, without increased pressure on time and resources.

The IT Professional’s Challenges

The challenges facing IT professionals are growing, particularly for those responsible for small to medium businesses or sites. How do you retain control as the cloud expands? How can you be a business enabler not a bottleneck? How do you maintain and manage an increasingly complex environment without growing specialist skills? And how do you make a limited budget stretch to meet ever growing needs? These are all familiar questions for today’s over-stretched IT pro.

Hybrid IT as a Service is the solution you need

Hybrid IT – combining on site IT with cloud services – opens up new resources to the IT professional wanting to implement business enabling solutions. It offers the best of both worlds: on site control with cloud commercials and flexibility. Hybrid IT-as-a-Service combines local IT hardware and software pre-built and pre-integrated into the cloud, remotely managed and priced as a service. It provides a greater opportunity to increase flexibility and scalability, while ensuring a high level of control is kept in the hands of the IT team. Moving to a subscription-based cost model means a large capital outlay is no longer a requirement.

How Zynstra Helps

Zynstra’s Cloud Managed Serverss are hyperconverged solutions offering tightly integrated compute, storage, networking and virtualization platforms deployed on-site. Pre-integrated with cloud services and managed remotely from the cloud, they provide an efficient, flexible and consistent Hybrid IT solution for small to medium businesses and sites. The Zynstra solution delivers all of the familiar benefits of a local server, with the additional flexibility and commercial models associated with cloud solutions. Combined, these benefits deliver new levels of cost benefit and efficiency compared to the traditional server infrastructure.Learn more about our Cloud Managed Servers and how our Hybrid IT Platform can deliver the solutions you require:

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