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“Zynstra provides powerful IT to our remote branches. The Zynstra solution delivers an extremely simple roll-out process to add new sites as the business grows, offers a proactively maintained and monitored platform, and, by keeping the system up to date, help keeps us secure against threats, all without needing IT expertise locally.”

Andrew Bowler, IT Director

“We want to ensure that our in-office IT is reliable, delivering a first class customer experience, while making it easy to manage for us and our franchisees. Zynstra’s Cloud Managed Servers offer these capabilities in an easy to deploy, cost effective package.”

Wilfred Tienzo, Head of IT, Winkworth Franchising Ltd.

“In order to meet the challenges we faced, we chose to leverage as many ready built solutions as possible. Zynstra provided a perfect cloud-like answer for our branch office IT.”

Phil Gornall, IT Manager

"Not only have we seen a 46% saving on our IT bill, we’ve also seen it payback within 5 months. When we combine these financial rewards with the increased efficiency for our IT team and the outstanding service we receive, I can truly say we are all over the moon that we moved to Zynstra. I just wish we’d done it sooner.”

Jessica Paine, Head of Finance, Ocean Media

“We need our IT to help us build our business. Now we can plan for the future safe in the knowledge that it will support us as we grow and do new things. We can get on with our day jobs and focus on what we do best.”

“As a specialist recruitment company our IT is critical to our success. With an ageing server which was slow, frequently crashed and hindering our productivity we knew it was time to upgrade our IT. With an objective to move more of our applications to the cloud we sought the help of our trusted advisor Lanmark, who recommended the Cloud Managed Server from Zynstra. We now have the reliability we need as a business and peace of mind that our data is safe and secure. We could not be happier, and can focus on growing our business, safe in the knowledge that our IT is taken care of.”

Sam Harvey, Director, Carr-Lyons Search and Selection Ltd

“We’re growing fast, both in the UK and overseas, so we needed an office IT solution that is easy and supports our expansion plans. Zynstra has helped us to achieve consistency internally and free up our time to work on other more strategic projects."

Jonathan Howell, CTO

“The Zynstra solution was superior and around 30% cheaper than a traditional server solution, with the added benefit of cost being spread over 3 years. This allowed us to deploy our capital more effectively into the business, investing in new desktop equipment, while simultaneously refreshing our server infrastructure.”

David Bell, GM

“We wanted to control our costs and deliver a consistent IT experience across our international sites. The Zynstra solution allows us to deliver the IT our branches need, with centralized control.”

Tim Newton, IT & Systems Manager

“Prior to Zynstra we were having to continuously fire fight performance issues and downtime, impacting both business operations and our internal credibility. We now enjoy high performing, reliable IT that is backed up, in our control, at a predictable cost, with a partner we trust and using technology that we have complete confidence in.”

Sailesh Makwana, IT & Operations Engineer

“Zynstra’s solution provides us with all the IT we need, it is robust, reliable, fast and future proof. Because of Zynstra it feels like we have a much larger IT team but without the associated costs. My team have been empowered and are able achieve more for the Guild, we couldn’t be happier with the results.”

Edmund Phillips, ICT Co-Ordinator

"We now have a modernized IT environment. We can predict our IT costs and we know that our IT is kept current and up-to-date. We no longer need to worry about an IT refresh again. It just works."

Mike Benton, Finance Director

“We needed to update ageing IT and we wanted to use this opportunity to simplify our systems and reduce risk. Our IT had evolved over time and as such we struggled to access and process data in a timely fashion, we also needed to improve our backup and ensure that if the worst should happen we could still access important information to maintain the consistency in the care of all our residents. We have the resource we need today and it is scaling as our business requires. Thanks to Zynstra our IT is now driving us forward not holding us back.”

“We finally have robust, reliable IT that not only supports our current requirements but also our future growth.”

Peter Aleman, CEO

“We were aware of Zynstra and so when we were looking to replace our servers it was the obvious solution as it solved many of our IT problems in one hit. The migration was simple and the support provided to our team throughout the process was excellent. Zynstra hasn’t replaced our IT team, it has enabled them to achieve more for the business, releasing them for day to day patching and firefighting. Zynstra has improved our IT performance and with support 52 weeks of the year we know that our IT is being taken care of even when our IT team is away. We have complete peace of mind, which is invaluable.”

Chris Wilce, Managing Director

“What was once a barrier to innovation and progress is now driving new ways in educating and inspiring our students. We have first class ICT on a small school budget and we couldn’t be happier.”

Angela Child, Head Teacher

“Zynstra’s Education ICT Server meets all our requirements. We have complete choice and control without the headache of maintaining our IT.”

Jennie Philips, Headteacher

“Our company was born out of an acquisition. The Zynstra solution has enabled us to rapidly establish our own IT and port legacy systems over quickly to a more agile cloud managed platform. We now have IT that is enterprise class, but scaled to the size and budget for our business.”

Stuart Fenton, CEO

“We have seen a significant improvement in the performance of our IT since moving on to Zynstra’s hybrid cloud solution. Our business is future proofed and our IT team have been released to focus on supporting our growth rather than firefighting outages and maintenance issues. We couldn’t be happier.”

Stuart Robertson, Group IT Manager

“As a software development company and service provider, IT is our lifeline. Taking IT as a service for our office, test and development environments has freed us up to do what we do best, building IP and managed services. What’s more, we saved money in the process.”

Martin Prendergast, CEO

“Zynstra’s service has significantly simplified our Core IT estate. Zynstra ensures that I spend the maximum amount of time working with SOS customers. I’m confident that my team and I have the very best IT infrastructure backed by suppliers who take complete responsibility.”

Graham Colbourne, Systems Director

“Our server became unreliable and after an expensive failure with protracted downtime a new IT partner was sought with fresh ideas.  We were looking for a reliable, fully managed solution with predictable expenditure. For a simply monthly fee Zynstra’s Hybrid IT solution together with our  local partner provides ongoing support for our whole infrastructure. It offers predictable budgeting and reliability with a hands off approach allowing us to focus on the running of our day to day business.”

Kathryn Haskins MIH, Director

“Zynstra gives us predictable IT costs so I know what to budget for as we grow. It’s kept-up-to-date and is scalable so we are sure there will be no unexpected or costly upgrade projects.”

Chris Clark, Director, Ownfone