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Refreshing Your IT

At some point your IT will no longer be fit-for-purpose. Whether you are dealing with Windows Server 2003 End-of-Support, outdated servers, trying to adopt Cloud technology, supporting new offices, or have simply outgrown your IT infrastructure, it’s important to plan ahead.

Local, Cloud, Hybrid IT?

Cloud services continue to grow exponentially. You benefit from worry free services, on a pay-as-you-go basis, without the hassle of patching and upgrading it yourselves. You can still setup users, use APIs and integrations to facilitate business workflow, but you don’t have to get involved in the detail of the infrastructure needed to make it work.

The drawbacks are that cloud services have always been delivered remotely. The cloud involves moving your data and applications away from your users, to a place where it’s more convenient for a service provider to look after them, rather than somewhere that’s better for you. Yes, you benefit from the economies of scale, but off-site IT may only be part of the improvement you are looking for.

Even in a Cloud world we still need on-site IT

Local IT can still be used in conjunction with the cloud, so if you have a building with local IT users, you still need to deliver IT infrastructure services to keep you running and securely connected with the outside world.
The most common infrastructure services organizations are looking for include:

  • Networking Services – to run the Local Area Network (LAN) for example DHCP and DNS services.
  • Active Directory – to manage your users, passwords and control who can do what.
  • File and Print Services – even if you adopt cloud storage, many organizations will be used to a network file share and may want to keep some data on the LAN, and some in the cloud.
  • Firewall and Anti-Virus – every building that is connected to the public Internet needs a firewall and anti-virus software solution to protect network traffic and file share data.
  • Web content filtering – organizations need a secure filter.

When you next refresh your on-site IT infrastructure, you will have to take on the risk and effort building it yourself, or hiring a third party to build it for you. And worse-still, you’ll need to find the cash required up-front to pay for the servers, software and professional services needed to get you up and running.

How Zynstra helps

Zynstra provides an on-premises IT environment, integrated with cloud services. The server, software and licenses you need are already included in the subscription costs, meaning you don’t have to commit a large upfront capital payment.
It’s already set up from manufacture, so the installation is quick and painless, requiring no significant project to get it up and running. You just need to migrate users, your data and your applications, and we have local delivery partners who can help with this if you need.
Zynstra is the IT that’s already done, and it’s always kept up-to-date – so no costly patches and upgrades – meaning that in 3-5 years’ time you can move to a new contract and your migration path is a breeze.

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