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Reducing IT Costs

The pressure on IT professionals to provide a leaner but more powerful and modern IT infrastructure is considerable. Business owners and finance teams want the best, most secure IT to ensure worker productivity at reduced costs.

“Not only have we seen a 46% saving on our IT bill, we’ve also seen it payback within 5 months. When we combine these financial rewards with the increased efficiency for our IT team and the outstanding service we receive, I can truly say we are all over the moon that we moved to Zynstra. I just wish we’d done it sooner.”

Jessica Paine, Head of Finance, Ocean Media

Building your own IT kit-car

Until now, if you’ve need on-site IT, you’ve had to pay for it all up-front, take on the task of building it, installing it, and it’s often been assembled from many different components – a bit like building your own kit-car. This makes it complex and risky, and once it’s built you have to keep it running.

Cloud = manufactured IT you can drive

If you’ve adopted cloud services, you’ll know they come already installed and are maintained for you. Better still they come with simple, predictable monthly fees – as-a-service. You already know your monthly costs from the beginning of the contract – more like a pre-manufactured car. You get the convenience of paying monthly, but you’re still in the driving seat and you don’t have to get your hands dirty.

And, if it goes wrong while under warranty, a service team will help you get it back on the road.

How Zynstra Helps

Zynstra Hybrid IT delivers a local IT environment, pre-integrated with the cloud for Backup, DR and integration with Office 365, but with the benefits of subscription economics. Our contracts include all of the on-premises server hardware, software and support you need, and at the end of the life of the server you’re entitled to new equipment.
It’s the cloud on your premises, but under your control, and with predictable subscription charges.

Learn more about Zynstra Hybrid IT and how predictable monthly fees, for all your IT, far outweigh the alternative CAPEX investment:

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