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Office 365 Integration

Office 365 continues to be one of the most successful cloud applications. It delivers the productivity software organizations are looking for, with a reliable hosted email environment and cloud storage online for users.

Hybrid IT – a pragmatic and cost effective approach to Office 365 Integration

The benefits for moving to Office 365 are considerable, particularly for those wishing to remove the need for an on-premises Exchange server. Improved collaboration, reduced costs and greater agility provide an attractive package. But organizations don’t always want to place all their mission critical technology with one vendor.

Hybrid IT, providing the best of both private and public cloud provides a highly attractive solution, while delivering a seamless integration to extract maximum value.

Single sign-on

The proliferation of usernames and passwords in the IT world gives all of us a headache we could do without. Having a username and password for logging into our local IT as well as the cloud, and never having them in sync, means we’re often resetting passwords and losing productivity.

Obviously Microsoft Office 365 needs to provide secure access, but it adds yet another username and password to our list to remember. Single sign-on to multiple related, but independent software systems is what organizations strive for.

Owning our own data

While many of us are comfortable with using cloud services, that doesn’t mean we want to lose control of our own data, and many of us would prefer to keep a copy of our cloud data locally, just in case.

How Zynstra helps

Zynstra delivers an on-premises IT server that seamlessly integrates with cloud services from the get-go. We synchronize the usernames and passwords on the local Microsoft Active Directory environment with the Active Directory environment in Office 365, meaning that you have one user name and password for both. Single sign-on is key for end user productivity.

Furthermore, each Zynstra server takes regular backups of the Office 365 data from the cloud and stores it locally on your site, ensuring you have a copy of your business data on-site, whatever happens. We regularly back up your Microsoft e-mail, Microsoft Sharepoint and Microsoft OneDrive, ensuring that you can recover your data in the event of cloud failure or downtime.

Learn more about how Zynstra Hybrid IT integrates seamlessly with Office 365:

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