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Internet Connectivity Challenges

The Internet has revolutionized the modern world, but not every organization is able to benefit today, due to the lack of high bandwidth, low latency connectivity in every location, at an affordable price.

Where you are located matters

While Internet connectivity costs have fallen over recent years, where you base your organization, if you have a choice, is often a decision between cheap rents with poor connectivity, or more expensive locations with great connectivity.

Cloud assumes you have great Internet connectivity

Many of us have had the frustration of trying to access a website or cloud application over our mobile phones in poor reception areas. To get around this we can move to a location where we get better network coverage, or more bandwidth by using a local Wi-Fi hotspot.

But for organizations where location is already pre-determined, you have to make do with the Internet Connectivity options available to you.

Bandwidth and Latency Matters

Cloud applications and services make broad assumptions about available bandwidth and latency.

  • Bandwidth is one constraint that limits the amount of data that can be transferred between two locations – think of it as breadth of your pipe. You can transmit lots of data down it if it’s wide.
  • Latency is the time it takes for the data to travel from one pipe to another. The further your organization is from the application and data, the more unresponsive the IT experience will seem.

So, even if you do get the bandwidth you’re looking for, putting your applications and data far away may give you just as much of a problem. Humans are very intolerant of latency.

How Zynstra helps

Zynstra provides a new option for organizations that’s delivered on your premises, on the local side of the Internet connection. If you need local performance for data and applications then you can locate them on a Zynstra Cloud Managed Server, close to your users.

Learn more about why Zynstra Hybrid IT platform provides the internet connectivity your organization requires:

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