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Increasing Storage

Managing storage growth and identifying suitable backup, recovery and archive solutions are some of the highest pain points identified by business owners and IT professionals. By 2020, according to IDC and EMC, the digital universe will amount to over 5,200GB per person on the planet.

Digital landfill in our digital age

The creation of data, whether it’s posting on Facebook, taking digital photos, creating new documents or proposals at work, is growing every day in every organization. All of this data needs to be stored.

Some of it may not be important. Throwaway comments on Twitter, out-of-focus photos that we didn’t get time to delete. But, in many organizations data is critical to their survival. Whether it’s customer data in CRM, or students project work in a school, data often needs to be categorized subject to level of importance and compliance regulations.

Flexible avenues for growth

As we increase the amount of storage we use in our organizations, we need a way to store it, ensure its backed up and resilient to failure, but importantly have avenues for growth that don’t mean a complete change of on-premises hardware when we run out of space. Having your data distributed across multiple systems, on multiple sites can lead to operational and regulatory compliance headaches.

While a NAS drive is a simple solution to on-premises storage, it isn’t the same as a fully managed backup process, and doesn’t normally provide disaster recovery to the cloud in the event of the loss of the local device.

And if you’re at the larger end with a SAN infrastructure, you know this an expensive way to solve the data storage problem you face.

How Zynstra helps

Zynstra provides resilient storage on board and a fully managed backup process to keep the data secure, including off-site Cloud backup and Disaster Recovery.

It allows you to consolidate a NAS drive onto a fully managed environment on a server, or avoid the need for an expensive SAN architecture. We support on-premises storage up to 23TB with our largest configuration, assuming no local applications are required.

Our solutions grow with you. Each cloud managed server has flexible virtual slots that can be assigned either for use as storage or as a container for a local application. If you need more storage you can cluster a pair of servers together, doubling the available local storage. And local backup and cloud storage capacity is also increased.

Learn more about how Zynstra’s Cloud Managed Servers can meet your storage, backup and disaster recovery requirements:

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