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Deploying new sites

Growing businesses need the flexibility to open new sites, and change existing ones quickly and cost effectively in response to changing demands.

A Golden Image

Branch IT is becoming more advanced, requiring powerful virtualized branch solutions. But this requirement for advanced capability cannot be allowed to result in long roll out and implementation timescales. Businesses demand rapid responses to changing needs. New branches and offices must be up and running, and in many cases revenue generating, as quickly as possible. What’s required is a standardized “golden image” branch solution that can be deployed quickly, regardless of remoteness or location.

Reduce time delay & cost in delivering new remote & branch office sites

Zynstra Cloud Managed Servers are powerful devices, purpose built for sophisticated distributed IT environments. They are delivered pre-built, pre-integrated and pre-tested, making installation simple and highly cost effective, with a powerful management tool kit, and have the flexibility to be adapted to changing customer requirements.

Design and Build

With Zynstra, the hardware, virtualization and RMM are pre-integrated and delivered as part of the solution on day one, as is Active Directory and file share. Most importantly, security is built in and integrated across the solution.


With Zynstra Cloud Managed Servers, the core IT branch solution is pre-designed and tested, including integration, thereby drastically reducing the time the IT team needs to spend, and risk exposure, prior to roll out. And for roll out itself, implementation time can also be significantly reduced.

How Zynstra helps

Zynstra is the on-site IT that grows with your organization, eliminating the threat of wasting precious capital through an IT investment that you outgrow sooner than expected.

Learn more about how Zynstra’s Cloud Managed Servers can scale with your business:

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