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Eliminating IT Upgrades

In the ‘old’ days, operating systems and applications came on CDs, so updates or upgrades were few. With the advent of the Internet and download technology, software updates and new versions are made available instantly over the Internet, which creates a tide of impact for your internal IT team or partner to deal with.

On the IT treadmill

The rate of change has increased to the point it can become a full-time job to evaluate, apply and validate a patch or upgrade has worked, especially in a complex environment.

Even if you’ve virtualized your physical IT infrastructure into fewer physical servers, you still have multiple virtual machines to patch and upgrade.

If you’re spending time patching the core IT infrastructure services in order to keep them working, it’s draining resource and budget, taking you away from adding value to your organization.

Keep your IT working

Patches and upgrades can’t be ignored. But, how much more value could you add to your organization if you didn’t have to spend quality time dealing with this issue? What if you could spend more time optimizing IT for your business by integrating new applications that increase productivity, helping users with the applications they use and resolving their day-to-day issues?

Add to this that many IT Partners don’t include ‘upgrades’ in their monthly service fees, so you’ll end up with a lift-and-shift replacement project every 3 to 5 years, typically with up-front CAPEX costs and a project that may only keep you where you already are.

How Zynstra helps

That’s where Zynstra comes in. Zynstra puts you on the upgrade escalator so you can stay ahead. We patch and upgrade the core IT infrastructure services you need for your site 24/7, freeing up time for you or your IT partner so you can work on the things that make your environment special, just like the cloud.

Not only that, Zynstra offers a number of managed, local applications, allowing you to stay in control of configuring users and permissions, but leaving us to take care of the patches and upgrades.

And what’s more the on-premises hardware is included in the service, including the relevant on-site support and replacement service in the event of breakages.

Zynstra eliminates core IT infrastructure upgrades, allowing you to concentrate on your applications, integration and adding value to you organization.

Learn more about how the Zynstra Hybrid IT Platform and Keep Current Technology solves your IT upgrade headaches:

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