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Retail IT News: July in Review

Hello and welcome to July: in review

There is no doubt the pandemic has served as a catalyst for the next digital revolution. In July, we started to see more evidence of this, as retailers across the world accelerate innovations at an impressive pace – from automated shelf-stackers to micro-fulfillment-powered delivery. Many such innovations will form the key foundations to the new customer shopping experience, with a perfect conjoining of online and offline commerce.

As retailers continue to adapt to this ‘new norm’ it is becoming increasingly obvious that the future of retail is software defined, relying less on costly hardware, and more on advancing functionality via edge computing.

This blog focuses on some of those retailers that have made changes to their businesses in response to Covid-19 throughout July.

FreshDirect to launch micro-fulfillment-powered delivery in DC-area

FreshDirect and technology firm Fabric will open a micro-fulfillment center at one of the grocer’s Washington, D.C.-area distribution facilities later this year.

Lessons learned from COVID-19 & what’s ahead for C-Stores

63% of respondents said legacy infrastructure held them back from making changes.

Amazon's Dash Cart offers another version of checkout-free technology

Amazon has unveiled the Dash Cart, a shopping cart built for small and medium-sized trips that automatically logs products placed inside and processes payment as shoppers leave the store.

Pandemic pushed C-Stores to change technology priorities

Legacy infrastructure held many back from making needed changes, a survey finds.

Japanese convenience stores will use VR-controlled robots to stack shelves

Telexistence’s robots are teleoperated by humans who control them via virtual reality headset and haptic gloves. This enables the robot to carry out tasks more effectively, while also having the added benefit that the same store employees who were previously stacking shelves in person will be able to be the ones operating the robots.

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