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Retail IT News: 2018 in Review

Hello and welcome to 2018: In Review

2018 was a big year for retail. Last year set the scene for the virtual store battleground, as retailers scrambled to develop a wide variety of innovative solutions to bolster omnichannel retail. This blog looks back at the main highlights of 2018.

Retailers cashed in on Black Friday and Cyber Monday spending

Mastercard estimated sales on Black Friday hit $23 billion, surging 9% from last year.

Walmart Rolled Out On-The-Spot ‘Check Out With Me’ Feature, In-App Store Maps

“Long checkout lines are the dreaded pain point of a customer’s shopping experience especially as they approach the holiday sales season.”

Discover how to implement the Store of the Future.

Target launched AR to Enhance Beauty

Target introduced a platform to help consumers navigate and test beauty products in real time.

Dining on demand: Barclaycard launched first ‘Dine & Dash’ frictionless payment for restaurants

Barclaycard developed a new solution which enables customers to simply walk out after eating – bypassing the traditional bill-paying process.

The changing face of retail IT and impact on customer experience

In the highly competitive retail space, businesses are using every tool at their disposal to ensure they are able to remain relevant and grow their market share. For many this is solely focused on perfecting the customer experience, especially across channels. For others it is all about cutting costs and optimizing performance.

Japanese Retailer Launched its own Cryptocurrency

Rakuten decided to merge the concept of loyalty points with cryptocurrency, unveiling its own cryptocurrency: the Rakuten Coin. Could such a move bring cryptocurrencies back into the spotlight?

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