What is Retail Edge

Edge computing is a method of networking, in which certain processes are performed closer to the devices that require them, rather than a centralized data center. This can improve response time while saving bandwidth. Retail Edge applies this method to multiple devices across each store, including cash registers, self-help kiosks, line busting mobile POS tablets and back office applications.

The drive for this change is due to the fact that the retail battleground has moved to the edge. Consumer demand for instant gratification, personalization and convenience has created a new dynamic, where more workloads require local processing – at the edge – and retailers must provide more flexible checkout options and roll out new in-store innovations fast. Retail Edge is the engine that empowers retailers to deliver the shopping experiences of tomorrow while driving greater operational efficiencies.

Edge as a Service

Retail Edge requires a hybrid network through which all edge devices are connected, and this is where edge as a service (EaaS) comes in. EaaS providers offer a distributed cloud architecture that integrates all devices on the edge of the network, allowing them to be maintained and updated from a central point, requiring little to no infrastructure on the part of the customer An example of this is a managed application solution running on the retail customer premises.

Edge as a Service operates on a subscription based pricing model that charges clients based on the IT services they need, enabling clients to shift from a Capex to Opex payment model.

Edge Scale

Edge scale means designed from the ground up for the environment that exists at the edge, delivering significantly lower store IT hardware costs than data center virtualization solutions.

In the case of retail, it is expected for any business to expand; not only into new locations, but add new devices and services to existing store environments. It is for this reason that edge scale is so important, giving retailers the ability to deploy new applications on as many sites as needed, without compromising operational efficiency.

The Total Economic Impact™ Of NCR Software Defined Store Enabled By Zynstra


How do you improve the way Retail Edge is managed?

Continuous Intelligent Automation provides you with the capability to centrally manage the provisioning, patching and configuration of hundreds or thousands of retail edges, ensuring that edge solutions are always up to date and compliant without costly manual intervention at the edge.

What are the alternatives to your solution?

Up until now retailers have struggled to find edge IT infrastructure that enables the business to run the advanced branch applications they increasingly need, while making the IT infrastructure simpler and more affordable to manage. The options available have been limited to stretched datacenter solutions with inherent complexity and cost, continually upgrading legacy systems with massive resource and risk implications, or cloud only solutions which aren’t optimized for edge applications. Only Zynstra is reinventing edge infrastructure for retail.

What does Zynstra do?

Zynstra is a software company, transforming edge computing for retailers. With Zynstra, powerful automation capabilities centrally manage thousands of distributed sites at a fraction of the cost and enable retailers to launch new store services faster.

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