Drive Faster Transactions at Checkout

Department stores need to deliver exceptional and frictionless customer experiences in the store to drive customer lifetime value and boost staff productivity in-store. Speed and convenience of service is paramount and nowhere more so than at the checkout. No one wants to see customers abandoning baskets due to prolonged waiting times.

The reality is that retailers end up trying to provide this superior experience on aging in-store technology at great expense.

Zynstra’s unique software provides a more efficient checkout process and maximizes revenue during peak trading periods by optimizing a department store's existing POS Hardware investment.

Reduce Retail Cost to Serve

Having a large geographic store footprint or complex IT infrastructure across several floors makes it increasingly difficult to reduce cost to serve, particularly as existing store IT infrastructure was built for a different age. Many stores have had PCs, servers and devices assembled over time that demand expensive and high skill systems integration and support effort.

This leads to inefficiency and growing costs, from an ever-growing IT bill of materials, to mushrooming support costs, to staff training and in-built business inflexibility, at a time when the pressure is on to reduce the cost to serve.

Zynstra software is a proven solution with intelligent automation capabilities and centralized management, providing a more secure and cost-efficient way to manage your IT at scale across multiple retail sites.

Virtualized POS enables the Software-Defined Store


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Deliver a virtualized, PCI compliant POS solution in store with mobile POS tablets over the wireless network. Reduce lines, increase sales and improve customer service.

Store of the Future

The need to experiment with new technology in-store has never been greater. Operations want new ways to achieve maximum efficiency in store operations to reduce costs while Marketing are demanding innovative new in-store services, using everything from AI to VR, to revolutionize the customer experience.

The truth is, no one has the complete answer – but to do nothing is no longer an option. Those who embrace new approaches with technologies will put themselves in the strongest position to deliver what their businesses and customers are demanding.

Zynstra’s software platform would enable department stores to test and deploy new applications and services in-store far quicker – with centralized management to drive operational efficiency.

CIOs face a perfect storm of urgent business imperatives caused by the ongoing retail crisis and technology advancements. In these circumstances, to do nothing is no longer an option.

This whitepaper covers the challenges and solutions for the modern day CIO.

What does Zynstra do?

Zynstra is a software company, transforming edge computing for retailers. With Zynstra, powerful automation capabilities centrally manage thousands of distributed sites at a fraction of the cost and enable retailers to launch new store services faster.

What makes it unique?

Zynstra’s Intelligent Infrastructure is designed and built from the ground up for the retail edge. It is optimized for the resource-constrained, hostile retail edge environment and is designed to easily scale and roll out thousands of standardized sites without IT bottlenecks. Zynstra is the only player in the industry with deep domain knowledge on operating the retail edge.

Why is Retail Edge so important?

What it takes to win in retail is changing. In an era of new expectations of speed, unique consumer experiences and the importance of the omni-channel, winners must deliver a superior experience, more services and faster innovations at the retail edge. Today, retailers are confronted with a hostile and dynamic environment in their branches and stores, with ever increasing demand to roll out new customer experiences, while at the same time reducing costs and fighting off security threats.

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