The Winners will Adapt Fast

The need to adapt your c-stores to cater for rapid changes in consumer buying habits has never been greater. Whether that be curbside collection, full-service fueling, home delivery or more, those that have the flexibility to adapt quickly will win, and this is where software defined stores will be leapfrogging the competition.

What’s required is a flexible solution that allows retailers to make these changes without being forced into an expensive ‘rip and replace’ exercise.

Software Defined Store enables your company to test and deploy new applications and services in-store far quicker – with centralized management to drive operational efficiency.

Store IT infrastructures today are complex and expensive to maintain. By shifting our store infrastructure from a hardware centric to a software focused approach, we will be able to increase our speed-of-service, quickly deploy upgrades across our network of stores and add new features and innovations including cloud-enabled services across our chain.

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Chief Strategy and Information Officer
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Reduce Cost to Serve

Rising labor costs coupled with day-to-day infrastructure, support and maintenance costs continue to eat into c-stores’ operational efficiency.

Simplifying store IT management and innovating at scale with less cost is the future. The key issue is how to deal with legacy infrastructure in-store.

Software Defined Store is a proven solution that enables you to virtualize all your existing store touchpoints. With intelligent automation capabilities and centralized management, you have a far more secure and cost-efficient way to manage your IT at scale across multiple sites.

Improve Customer Experience and Boost Staff Productivity

Whether it’s improving customer loyalty programs, rolling out new promotions or expanding your range of self-checkout and touchless payment options, speed to market is key. When your store is agile you can do anything.

Software Defined Store makes this possible and goes one step further by maximizing staff productivity. You can run more systems with less touchpoints in store by enabling store associates to use multi-functional devices. Providing the ability for store associates to perform different tasks on the same device is a game changer.

Software Defined Store

Software Defined Store enables retailers to deliver superior customer and employee experiences through faster innovation and radically reduces cost to serve in-store.

Purpose built for the edge, our powerful software optimizes existing store technology and enables digital transformation.

  • Launch new apps and services at speed
  • Simplify store IT management at scale
  • Run the latest software on existing hardware
  • Transform existing hardware into multi-functional devices
  • Automate patches and upgrades across all stores
  • Reduce downtime and enhance compliance control

Your demo will enable you to view the platform, discuss the benefits and discover how we can help you power your retail edge.

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Keep Infrastructure Secure and Compliant

The distributed footprint of multiple C-Stores places them particularly at risk. Whether it is a ransomware attack or crippling downtime during patching neither is ideal - but both can be prevented. The solution lies in having a centrally managed secure platform that can automate patches and updates across your entire store estate.

Software Defined Store’s patented ‘Keep Current’ technology does exactly this, reducing the risk of security breaches, tills being down or break-fix downtime. Your company would have a secure, reliable and compliant system that would form part of the overall cyber security strategy alongside the datacentre.

The Store of the Future

In the current climate retailers are re-examining how they leverage their key asset – the store, where face-to-face interaction takes place.

Find out more about the Store of the Future with our free guide:

What does Zynstra do?

Zynstra is a software company, transforming edge computing for retailers. With Zynstra, powerful automation capabilities centrally manage thousands of distributed sites at a fraction of the cost and enable retailers to launch new store services faster.

What makes it unique?

Zynstra’s Intelligent Infrastructure is designed and built from the ground up for the retail edge. It is optimized for the resource-constrained, hostile retail edge environment and is designed to easily scale and roll out thousands of standardized sites without IT bottlenecks. Zynstra is the only player in the industry with deep domain knowledge on operating the retail edge.

Why is Retail Edge so important?

What it takes to win in retail is changing. In an era of new expectations of speed, unique consumer experiences and the importance of the omni-channel, winners must deliver a superior experience, more services and faster innovations at the retail edge. Today, retailers are confronted with a hostile and dynamic environment in their branches and stores, with ever increasing demand to roll out new customer experiences, while at the same time reducing costs and fighting off security threats.

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