W.E Cox




London, UK

Business Driver:

IT refresh and reducing complexity

Zynstra provides powerful IT to our remote branches. The Zynstra solution delivers an extremely simple roll-out process to add new sites as the business grows, offers a proactively maintained and monitored platform, and, by keeping the system up to date, help keeps us secure against threats, all without needing IT expertise locally.

Andrew Bowler,
IT Director

Business Profile

For over 50 years, the W.E. Cox Claims Group has been dedicated to providing specialist claims assistance within the Maritime Insurance Industry. They provide a fully comprehensive global claims handling service, from notification through to settlement and recovery from carriers, ensuring seamless protection of their clients’ interests.

After a period of aggressive expansion, W.E. Cox now serves its customers from strategic locations worldwide including the UK, France, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Singapore, USA and Australia.

W.E. Cox provide a wide range of maritime insurance services including surveys, cargo claims and defense liability. They represent global Insurers, regional underwriters, international carriers and individuals, so can provide whatever claims assistance their clients require.

Case Study

W.E Cox were looking initially to refresh their IT in their UK locations, moving to a robust, up to date system with cloud backup and disaster recovery. And, they wanted to do this across their sites with an internal IT team consisting of one individual, who needed to focus attention on new business initiatives, not fighting operational IT fires.

However, they wanted to retain control over their IT estate, including being able to manage their own Active Directory infrastructure and LAN solution.

Zynstra delivered the control W.E. Cox required, but removed the burden of day to day support, keep current and management.

Why Zynstra

Standardized Powerful Multi-Site IT

W.E. Cox wanted to move from a custom built, difficult to support, remote office architecture to a standardized IT footprint that would reduce support headaches and free up limited IT resources to focus on strategic business initiatives. And they wanted to run a range of local applications, as well as providing a wide range of local IT services.

The Zynstra solution provides a standardized and virtualized multi-site IT environment so they can run all the required applications, and delivers IT services such as offsite Back-up, Disaster Recovery, Site to site VPN, personal VPN, Firewall, amongst other services.

Bringing sites on line – Speed of Installation and Commissioning

Because Zynstra is pre-configured, tested, and centrally managed. All that’s required to bring sites on-line is to plug in the server in the branch office, and Zynstra downloads the configuration remotely, minimizing downtime and business disruption.

Multisite and Remote User Support

Zynstra provides cost effective and advanced IT across W.E. Cox’s UK sites, and provides secure access to services for their numerous remote users.

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