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Complex, failing infrastructure

We need our IT to help us build our business. Now we can plan for the future safe in the knowledge that it will support us as we grow and do new things. We can get on with our day jobs and focus on what we do best.

Business Profile

The Writer helps businesses of all shapes and sizes across the globe to make their words work harder for them. The Writer supports their customers by developing their tone of voice; all forms of writing; training businesses in how vital language and communication is; and coming up with names to give brands a strong, clear and unique identity. Based in London for over 10 years, The Writer have grown to around 50 users and have recently opened an office in New York, providing their services across six continents.

Case Study

Like many businesses, The Writer’s IT had grown reactively to meet the needs of their business and as such was complex, fragmented and troublesome. The organization’s infrastructure was failing and the regular repairs were becoming increasingly difficult, due to a lack of consistency in their infrastructure. Downtime and poor speed had become predominant issues and their network simply wasn’t fast enough to support the business. In addition to the UK office, they needed to support their office in New York and a large team of remote workers, ensuring a consistent user experience for all and keeping data safe, secure, backed up and fully redundant.

Before Lanmark and Zynstra The Writer had completely lost confidence in their IT. So much so that they had to go back to the drawing board and start again, certainly not something they were looking forward to. The Writer first looked for an IT partner with the knowledge, expertise and professionalism to provide support and advice to their growing company. Lanmark then introduced The Writer to Zynstra as a solution to rationalize and consolidate their IT simply, effectively and with minimal disruption. Zynstra allowed them to achieve this within an OPEX model rather than a commonly found CAPEX model.

The Writer were impressed by the fact that Zynstra’s Hybrid IT-as-a-Service solution could provide them with a reliable, secure and unified solution – via Remote Desktop Services. This allowed every user the same access and experience whether they were in London, New York or on the road. The organization knew they were fully licence-compliant and had a sensible Recovery Time Objective. Overall, they now had the ability to focus and scale their business, safe in the knowledge that their IT was able to support them not just today, but in the future too.

Why Zynstra

Reliable, secure, backed up and fully redundant

The Writer has peace of mind that their data is secure at all times with on-premises control of user access privileges and data protection. With automated backup, disaster recovery and full redundancy with two servers in the UK and one in the US – they have every reason to sleep well at night.

Consistent IT across all offices

Another reason for choosing the Zynstra solution was that The Writer didn’t need to create a whole new separate infrastructure for their New York office. They simply installed a remote Cloud Managed Server in the New York office which was already preconfigured and ready to go – allowing the New York office to access the same IT services as those in London such as Active Directory, Local file and print services, security and a firewall. So not only is there consistency across all users, but management and support are easier.


The Zynstra solution gives The Writer everything they need out of a box, managed and always up to date for a fixed monthly fee. It’s a one stop shop for all their IT and as a growing business they have total flexibility that their IT will grow with them and it just works. The Writer has fewer interruptions with failing IT to distract the team and are now able to be proactive instead of reactive.

Consolidating all the solutions required

The Writer wanted one solution that did everything and was easy to manage. The headache was immediately taken away with the introduction of the Zynstra solution and Lanmark’s continued support. All for a fixed monthly fee, coupled with no upfront costs, Zynstra made both operational and financial sense.

Unified user experience

All employees require the same working experience regardless of whether they are in London, New York or working remotely. So be it accessing systems or for collaboration and communication purposes, mobile workers can access the files and applications they need, all syncing in near real time via Remote Desktop Services. This allows them to work as efficiently as if they were in the office and without another 3rd party application.

IT expertize you can trust

Without an internal IT team The Writer chose Lanmark as their expert IT partner. With Zynstra’s unique and patented software taking care of the maintenance, monitoring and management and Lanmark’s global expertize supporting all users and software, The Writer knew they had chosen the right vendor and partner to future proof their IT.

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