Company:TCT Computer Services
Location:Washington State, USA
Sector:IT Services
Key Benefits:Move to a recurring revenue model

Company:TCT Computer Services
Location:Washington State, USA
Sector:IT Services
Key Benefits:Move to a recurring revenue model

We were searching for a solution that addressed Microsoft retirement of the Small Business Server and SMB reluctance to incur enterprise-level expense for the enterprise-level capabilities. Zynstra is not only a solution to that problem but also to the endemic struggle of SMB to refresh their IT infrastructure at necessary intervals.

George Hefter,
Company President

Business Profile

TCT Computer Solutions started in 1992, and since then, the company has become a full service IT solution and managed service provider with local, regional, national, and international customers.

TCT Computer Solutions are a Microsoft partner specializing in small business and network infrastructure solutions. This and other valued partnerships, including the one with Zynstra, allows them to bring to customers the top-of-the-line products and the leading-edge infrastructure and
cloud solutions they need.

Case Study

TCT Computer Solutions were looking for the next generation of solution to deliver robust and reliable IT infrastructure to their customers, and address the endemic struggle of SMB’s to regularly refresh their IT infrastructure at necessary intervals, which can be costly and disruptive. They pride
themselves on offering customers a cost effective service, so they needed a solution that requires minimal intervention and management.

In addition, TCT Computer Solutions understood the attractiveness to their business of a recurring revenue business model and the predictability it can bring.

Why Zynstra

Enterprise class IT without enterprise costs

Zynstra’s Hybrid IT solution delivers the best of the Cloud, and
the best of on-premises IT, all provided for easy-to-budget OPEX
expenditure, rather than the larger CAPEX expenditures required
for a traditional infrastructure refresh.

Maximize the value of client IT

TCT Computer Solutions want to deliver a robust and reliable
IT infrastructure which is current, secure, backed up and has
disaster recovery capabilities built in. The Zynstra solution
delivers all of these capabilities, all managed through the cloud
and delivered as a service.

A packaged solution, always up to date

The Zynstra solution delivers the functionality, performance,
reliability, agility and simplicity clients need. It’s kept current 24/7 and refreshed at contract renewal to ensure TCT clients are
always using the latest technology and avoiding expensive IT
refresh projects.

As a Service Model

Delivered as a service, the Zynstra hybrid cloud solution
represents a breakthrough for partners attempting to drive
recurring revenue services with a server platform. The ‘as a
service’ model enables new, predictable revenue streams and
increases business value.

Efficient Service Model

TCT Computer Solutions are able to rely on Zynstra’s expertise,
and this means they are released to focus on driving the business
forward as opposed to having to manage a growing number
of custom made systems for customers. They can offer an
unprecedented level of service without impacting their margins.

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