Company: Softwerx
Location: Cambridge

Company: Softwerx
Location: Cambridge

We recognise that most customers seek a Hybrid IT environment today – both on-premise and cloud services. Being able offer that as a managed service through Zynstra is core to our business strategy.

David Smart,
Managing Director

Business Profile

With extensive experience, an enviable reputation and a solid track record in supporting a wide variety of organizations, Softwerx is well-positioned to assist in the transformation, expansion or rationalization of IT Systems to deliver flexibility and agility, while containing cost and enhancing security resilience.

Softwerx is a founder member of the Cloud Industry Forum, a Microsoft Gold Partner and holds a number of Quality Management System accreditations including ISO9001, ISO27001, ISO18001 and ISO14001.

Over a fifteen-year period, Softwerx has worked with and helped a variety of different businesses and organizations including: the YMCA, Help for Heroes, Cambridge University, the Halfords Group plc and Traffic International.

Case Study

Zynstra enables its partners to offer their customers highly efficient and cost effective ‘IT as a service’ for a predictable monthly fee. The Zynstra solution runs local IT services on cloud managed server appliances (a private cloud) that are integrated with Public Cloud Services like Microsoft Office 365 and Windows Azure for access to hosted applications and Disaster Recovery services in the event of loss of local IT capability.

Softwerx were looking for a trusted partner to expand its solution portfolio and offer its customers innovative IT that scales efficiently and cost effective compatibility with on-premises IT. In partnership with Zynstra Softwerx offers Hybrid IT as a Service.

Why Zynstra

SMB Centric

As a business, Softwerx core focus is on delivering IT solutions to organizations with 250 or less employees at any given location. Whilst larger organizations have access to enterprise class IT
solutions, the small and mid-market has been poorly served, until that is, the arrival of Zynstra’s Hybrid IT as a Service which enables modern, scalable IT on-premise, seamlessly linked to cloud
services, for a predictable monthly fee.

Hybrid IT is the new norm

Softwerx customers expect them to stay on top of the market and to support their IT strategies. They recognized that they needed Zynstra’s platform to manage on-premises IT and cloud services as a combined or ‘hybrid’ solution.

Needing to scale

Customer interest in cloud services is high and Softwerx have had to manage increased demand. Zynstra enable them to scale while also containing their costs by driving greater efficiencies.

Logical customer solution
As a leading provider of Microsoft Office 365 and hosted infrastructure Softwerx were looking for a complementary solution for on-premise IT that was attractive and cost effective.

Efficient service model

The challenge with operating IT services in the SMB sector is assisting organizations with limited in-house IT resource that have diverse IT environments and tight budgets. The Zynstra solution enables Softwerx to provide high quality server management services with excellent service levels and a higher, more predictable margin than a traditional ‘build you own’ model could ever achieve.

Variable deployment models

No one organization is the same as another and most do not like to be tarred with the brush of being an ‘SMB’. The Zynstra solution enables Softwerx to offer an appropriate appliance based service to organizations ranging from 5 to 250 users with as much or as little run on-premises or in-cloud – the customer can decide. The appliances are also cluster-able to deliver High Availability resilience locally or to enable scale related growth. In addition the appliances can operate in a multi-site ‘branch system’ model. With tariffs for commercial, education and Not-for-Profit organizations, the solution enables them to adapt their offering to individual customer needs.

True Partnership

Softwerx only work with partners we can trust to share our values & ethos.

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