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London, UK

Business Driver:

Aging hardware and reducing complexity

We want to ensure that our in-office IT is reliable, delivering a first class customer experience, while making it easy to manage for us and our franchisees. Zynstra’s Cloud Managed Servers offer these capabilities in an easy to deploy, cost effective package.

Wilfred Tienzo,
Head of IT

Business Profile

With circa 60 offices in the capital and 100 throughout the UK and Internationally, Winkworth has become one of the largest single-branded agencies in London. All of their offices are independently owned and operated by local experts, and form part of an extensive and supported network.

Winkworth wanted to enhance the support they provide to their local franchised offices by offering a reliable and high functionality office IT solution to help improve efficiency and enhance the client experience.

Case Study

Winkworth’s objective was to offer always reliable, always available, all-application, easy to support in-office technology to franchisees as a way of adding value and providing excellent customer service. Winkworth wanted to deliver a managed IT service offering to their franchisees as a way of differentiating their franchise proposition, and making the agency IT experience much less stressful and much more capable.

Winkworth are dedicated to improving the customer experience and allowing their franchisees to differentiate through the customer service they offer. This requires the provision of consistent, reliable and easy to support information technology to branch offices, so that franchisees have peace of mind that they could efficiently and immediately provide all the information or support their customers need.

In the past, experience of unreliable connectivity has led to lost business and a lack of faith in a pure public cloud solution. At the same time, unreliable old server solutions in some offices were leading to real support headaches and a lack of guaranteed and speedy access to on-site applications and data when required.

Also, as technology makes possible new ways of engaging with customers and offering a differentiated experience, it was important to ensure that the in-office IT solution could easily handle whatever new applications may be required.

Why Zynstra

Reliable and Available solution

Zynstra Cloud Managed Servers are located in the office, so you don’t have to worry about unreliable internet connection to cloud resources. And because we manage, support and keep it up to date, the server provides new levels of reliability and availability, with backup and disaster recovery included as required.

The Zynstra solution is standardized across the office network, making it easier to support and frees the Winkworth IT team from worrying about day to day IT infrastructure issues, so they can focus on the applications and data their customers require.

Advanced Office IT, without office IT headaches

With Zynstra, you get a Cloud Managed Server in the office that runs whatever applications you need, provides access to all your data, and integrates internet services as required. But because we support and manage the solution through the cloud, you don’t need on-site support skills; we look after the technology and you can focus on the business.

Business applications that dramatically impact the customer experience – such as virtual property tours, high resolution graphics displays, or tablets that enable agents to get out from behind the desk and engage with clients – need advanced in-office IT. Zynstra Cloud Managed Servers provide all the IT capability you need, but delivered in an easy to deploy, easy to use, and easy to manage form.

Real cost savings

The costs of supporting old information technology in offices can be very high. Site visits for fixes or maintenance can be expensive, and the cost of lost business due to unreliable IT, while sometimes harder to quantify, can be frightening. With Zynstra, the solution is delivered, managed and supported all for a simple regular fee, so you get reliable IT with no surprises. It’s real added value to franchisees.

No up-front costs

IT is important, but all business people want to avoid expensive capital projects if they can. The Zynstra solution is provided for a regular fee, with no up-front capital and predictable costs.

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