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As a software development company and service provider, IT is our lifeline. Taking IT as a service for our office, test and development environments has freed us up to do what we do best, building IP and managed services. What’s more, we saved money in the process.

Martin Prendergast,

Business Profile

Concorde provides intelligent solutions for managing software compliance, measuring vendor performance and reducing software spend across Hybrid IT. By delivering the ability to take control of the software estate, optimise software investments and plan for and implement change, we solve today’s software issues and allow you to meet tomorrow’s technology challenges.

Case Study

Flexible hybrid IT
Our IT strategy is clearly now Hybrid. We are running local IT for resource hungry Development and Test services but using public cloud services for our business applications and running our live managed service operations.

Local cloud managed server appliances
We wanted to keep control of our User credentials and retain local file and print management capability. We also wanted to run local Development and Test services and retain full control of the security of our IP. We selected a clustered SMB IT appliance to run these workloads from our on-premise server room and have the management of this IT environment delivered to us as a managed service through our trusted partner. The solution also provides us with Single Sign On to cloud apps, Windows Azure and Microsoft Office 365.

Office 365 for productivity
We moved our on-premise productivity suite including email, Office and file share to Microsoft Office 365 which is integrated with the Zynstra solution. All our cloud hosted files and email is backed up to our local Appliance to give us a single central record under our control.

Windows azure for live customer operations
Our live services need to scale with our customer base and be capable of peak loads that are not practical or efficient to run on fixed infrastructure. We have selected Windows Azure to provide us the scale and efficiency to meet our growing demand.

Why Zynstra

Growth and flexibility

Our business is growing well and we needed to recover valuable space by virtualizing our server estate and deliver IT that can scale with our business needs.

WINDOWS SERVER 2003 End of Support

Our core services were running on Windows Server 2003 and needed to be upgraded to avoid support risks and improve our efficiency.

Stick to our knitting

Our technical team of developers needed to be freed up from the mundane management of IT to focus time on building our unique IP.

Cash is king

We were keen to explore OPEX based pricing models rather than repeat the legacy model of cash hungry capital expenditure which is too inflexible.

De-risk IP and data loss

We wanted to ensure our IP and data were being appropriately backed up.

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