CMI’s partnership with Zynstra first started in 2014 through our former business Solsis (now part of CMI). The team at Zynstra have always worked very closely with our team, whether that be for pre-sales, implementation, support or marketing. It has been a breath of fresh air to work within a partner programme that really does feel like a partnership. Zynstra’s unique solution has helped us provide new and existing clients with an excellent alternative to traditional or full cloud, and provided a way for us to convert product revenues into recurring managed services.

Graham Stead,

Business Profile

Providing a wide range of services including Infrastructure Design, Implementation and Support, the company creates, manages, implements and supports IT systems which in turn keeps organisations like yours effective & secure.

As a Company, CMI is not only focused on solving the IT problems of businesses, including Managed Services, Cloud Solutions and Support, but dedicated to delivering the highest level of customer service.

Case Study

A changing technology landscape, with innovations such as hyperconvergence and virtualization, s offers organizations an opportunity to improve IT performance, efficiency and user experience. However, many businesses have struggled to access such technology largely due to lack of budgets and lack of internal expertise. As a trusted advisor CMI were looking for a solution that offered their clients the latest technology but at a price that matched the clients’ budget and that could be easily implemented, providing a positive experience from the outset. In a competitive marketplace CMI were also looking for a way in which to differentiate themselves as well as simplifying their support to improve internal efficiencies.

Why Zynstra


Zynstra’s Intelligent Infrastructure requires no compromize and this means that CMI are able to differentiate itself from the competition, offering a unique solution that is always up to date and scales according to the client’s requirements; all for an affordable monthly fee. The customer experience is excellent and therefore CMI are happy, as Zynstra helps them to deliver on their promise of making their customers happy and their employees proud.

Service Desk Efficiencies

The continual challenge for Managed Service Providers is driving efficiencies, as clients’ requirements develop and evolve, so their IT offerings have to adapt accordingly. This can mean that clients’ IT systems become increasingly complex and onerous to manage. Zynstra’s solution has been developed with efficiencies front of mind; a plug and play approach that can adapt to the changing needs of any business, but without heavy management and support required. This means that CMI can offer excellent service levels without having to pass on the cost to their clients or compromizse on their own margin.

Recurring Revenue

As the IT industry evolves and the adoption of a recurring revenue model becomes mainstream, Zynstra’s solution already offers a range of contract and payment terms to suit both partner and end customer alike. This means that partners such as CMI can offer flexible terms as well as predicting and managing their future revenue with greater accuracy.

Customer Retention

Zynstra openly publicises its commitment to both partners and end customers. However, it is the excellent service levels and support that not only win customers but also retain them. Added to this a competitive total cost of ownership means that clients are not only happy to renew, but also lengthen their contract terms.

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