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Washington, USA

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TCT Computer Solutions

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IT Refresh

We finally have robust, reliable IT that not only supports our current requirements but also our future growth.

Peter Aleman,

Business Profile

Bio Gro are a manufacturer and agronomy leader based in Washington, USA. Their mission is to produce the highest quality per acre of soil and per acre foot of water. Bio Gro achieve this by growing roots, pumping nutrients, driving photosynthesis and harvesting successfully.

Case Study

IT that just works
The Zynstra solution brought order to what had been a chaotic infrastructure. Preparation, installation and configuration were all flawlessly performed remotely by Zynstra and our IT is now running smoothly.

Reliable, secure remote access
Zynstra’s build in security protocols, software and VM’s allow our staff to securely access data and documents no matter where they are. Our partner TCT Computer Solutions and Zynstra are continuing to improve our collaboration and file synchronization.

Complete peace of mind
We now have both cloud backup and disaster recovery to ensure continued operation should a catastrophe render the on-premises server unusable. We have peace of mind that our company data is protected should the worse happen.

Why Zynstra

Complex & unruly IT

Our IT was an incoherent mix of aging equipment patched together. This resulted in unreliable performance, an inefficient user experience and IT on a downward spiral.

Lack of collaboration

Separate logins for each office and the lack of a stable VPN for field personnel meant that document sharing within the company was incredibly challenging.

No disaster recovery plan

To further exacerbate the potential impact of our poor IT we had nothing to protect our data in the event of a disaster.

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