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Reducing Support Costs for Remote Sites

In order to meet the challenges we faced, we chose to leverage as many ready built solutions as possible. Zynstra provided a perfect cloud-like answer for our branch office IT.

Phil Gornall,
IT Manager

Business Profile

Altius Group is a market leader in business sale transactions for small to medium size enterprises. The group includes some of the most well respected and leading business brokers in the marketplace. Altius Group offer a sector specialist approach tailored to clients’ requirements. With over 40 years’ experience in business selling, they have a proven track record in delivering successful sales, constantly striving to surpass the expectations of our clients.

Case Study

Altius Group’s business has experienced rapid organic growth, now with 2 office locations in the UK, they have also grown by acquiring other businesses. Their IT estate included three servers in the Preston office: an Exchange Server, a server for all their legal documents and a File server. The Edinburgh office only had a local File Server.

As a business they are highly reliant on their hosted Data Management System, run via a third party, to maintain accurate customer and business records. With only one IT professional to support a network across two offices, with 35-40 staff in the Preston Office, 8-9 in the Edinburgh office, and a number of mobile workers, the task was immense.

This lead to Altius experiencing two unwanted cost burdens. Firstly, if the Edinburgh office encountered any IT problems, there was the cost and disruption of the IT prime travelling to the site to fix it. Secondly, there was the cost of lost productivity and workforce inefficiency as staff were hindered in doing their jobs while they waited for the IT prime to get to the Edinburgh site and fix it. And, to make matters worse, in some instances the IT issues were so simple that they could be easily resolved once the IT Manager was onsite.

In terms of IT management and monitoring, there was no communication link between the two office sites, each office was running IT independently, and therefore the two networks were never aligned.

Why Zynstra

Simplicity, Consistency & Reliability

Altius needed both sites to be consistent in the IT processes and software. Having different implementations on different sites can lead to complexity, inefficiency and increased support costs. Zynstra were able to provide a standardized solution that ensured the business maintained the level of consistency required, straight out of the box.

Office 365 Integration

The Zynstra Hybrid IT solution means that Altius no longer require an onsite Exchange server, as remote workers can now log-in from any computer with an internet connection and access the Office 365 utilities. Single sign on capabilities are a must have for remote office workers and locations. Hybrid IT means that they can now benefit from state of the art IT on site, and cloud applications like Office 365, without complexity.

Cost Effective

Altius have experienced a significant reduction in man hours and travel costs as their IT Manager can now manage both sites from one location, using Zynstra’s cloud management and monitoring platform. IT support costs are reduced, and staff productivity increased, due to reduced down time.

Hassle free IT

Altius’ IT Manager has been released from the day to day grind of manual patching and maintenance and can now focus on the business’ IT strategy and driving real value, whilst ensuring user satisfaction. Zynstra’s cloud managed servers are delivered as a service, so patches and updates are taken care of 24/7, freeing up the IT Manager from those day to day mundane tasks.

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