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Replacing your server

Zynstra’s Cloud Managed Servers deliver hyperconverged hybrid IT– an exciting new, more cost effective and flexible alternative to traditional servers. We offer an on-site server with advanced local functionality and control, integrated with your choice of cloud applications and managed through the cloud.

Making the right Server Decision

Buying a new server for your business or site is a challenge. With the growth of cloud computing, IT professionals face new opportunities and challenges when deciding upon their IT strategy The cloud offers increased flexibility and new cost models which can be highly attractive. However, full migration to the public cloud, with applications and data being hosted off site, is not the solution of choice in all cases. Considerations of security, data sovereignty, and performance may argue in favour of an on-site server. In addition, many IT professionals want to move to the cloud, but on their terms, at their pace, and at a time of their choosing.

Hybrid IT is the answer

Turning to a hybrid of on-premise and remote cloud IT is the approach now adopted by businesses large and small to meet their existing and future IT requirements. With hybrid IT, you choose which data and applications you keep on your local server, and which you put in the cloud. Hybrid IT provides a real alternative to those undertaking server replacement projects and want to avoid just opting for traditional server types by default, so they can benefit from all the advantages that the latest technology has to offer.

How Zynstra Helps

Zynstra’s Cloud Managed Servers are tightly integrated compute, storage, networking and virtualization platforms deployed on-site. Pre-integrated with cloud services and managed remotely from the cloud, they provide an efficient, flexible and consistent Hybrid IT solution for remote and branch offices and small to medium sites. The Zynstra solution delivers all of the familiar benefits of a local server, with the additional flexibility and commercial models associated with cloud solutions. Combined, these benefits deliver new levels of cost benefit and efficiency compared to the traditional server infrastructure.

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