• Edge-scale hardware and software, managed from the Cloud, which dramatically simplifies retail IT and reduces costs.
  • Ability to run multiple workloads and provide a consistent platform for roll-out of future applications.
  • Edge Servers that are self-monitoring, running hundreds of tests per hour, and self-healing, with the ability to reboot components if necessary.
  • Patching, updates and upgrades as part of a Keep Current service. It removes the need for manual patching or system management of the HCI core and infrastructure services required, while ensuring a consistent and secure system.
  • Enhanced PCI-DSS support to significantly reduce the cost and effort of achieving compliance.
  • Security and Keep Current features to help businesses deploy their own compliant solutions, or to further reduce compliance costs by adding product options that deliver certified compliant features and support services.
  • Enhanced security with access privileges, data protection, and next generation firewall and intrusion prevention.
  • Automatic provisioning, patching and configuration of hundreds or thousands of Easy Connect servers for fast set-up of new branches.
  • A resilient edge server with the option of high availability clustering and cloud backup services which reduces the risk of downtime, and delivers improved business continuity.

Transforming IT for retail branches and stores


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