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Your Local IT

Hybrid IT is all about choice – When considering a new IT system, it is essential to consider your needs for local IT as well as cloud services.

Choice and Control

Is your IT infrastructure suited to working entirely in the cloud, or are there commercial, security or performance reasons to maintain on-site control of some or all of your resources?

There may be technical barriers, such as a service not yet being offered in the cloud or incompatibility with cloud infrastructure. For example, many businesses have line-of-business applications that are costly to move to the cloud or may be dependent on on-premises performance characteristics like low latency, or high bandwidth LAN connectivity.

Data security is key

Data security is also a big consideration. An organization’s attitude to the risk of data in the cloud, or regulatory and compliance guidelines may dictate that certain data and applications continue to remain on the LAN, behind the firewall.

Maintaining high performance

Performance is a consideration for some applications: Being on-premises provides high speed access for users and may be required if data volumes are very high. While it’s certainly possible to deploy high-performance processing on large amounts of data in the cloud, it may not be economically feasible both in terms of rent on the cloud resources and outlay for high-speed internet connectivity.

Zynstra’s Cloud Managed Servers offer control and choice. When you need local IT, they support secure, reliable file storage on high-performance hardware, and the ability to allocate compute resources for anything from small IT services to multi-user enterprise applications. And, out of the box, you get all the essential on-premises IT you need, including firewall, file sharing, print services and user security. And because it’s cloud managed, you can have advanced local IT, without the need for local IT support.

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