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Keep Current Technology

No more disruption from end of life IT. No more time consuming IT refreshes. No more unpredictable Capex investment. Zynstra’s unique Keep Current technology means that your organization never has to worry about securing capital investment for an IT refresh or assigning significant time to the day to day.

Automated management processes


Managing systems – particularly distributed remote and branch servers – is a challenge, and an increasingly important one as security threats continue to grow. At Zynstra, we believe that that the automation of key management processes is essential to the management of remote servers. Our patented Keep Current technology takes the strain out of keeping your systems patched and up to date.

IT should be an enabler of transformation, offering a competitive edge, with the agility to change direction when needed. Historically IT staff have to spend a disproportionate amount of time ‘keeping the lights on’ by ensuring IT is available and managed. This leaves little time to deliver innovation that can advance the strategic goals of the organization.

“We’re growing fast, both in the UK and overseas, so we needed an office IT solution that is easy and supports our expansion plans. Zynstra has helped us to achieve consistency internally and free up our time to work on other more strategic projects.”

Jonathan Howell, CTO,

Each of Zynstra’s Cloud Managed Servers is part of a multi-tenant platform managed and maintained by the Zynstra Management Platform.

The Zynstra Management Platform:

  • Constantly monitors the health of all Cloud Managed Servers 24/7 from a hardware, security, service performance and backup perspective
  • Alerts the user, service provider and Zynstra to any problems
  • Assesses the need for patches to software, operating systems and security capabilities and automatically handles the delivery and confirmation of updates

The Cloud Managed Server:

  • Proactively runs health checks and tests to ensure performance of the server
  • Automatically discovers and attempts to fix operational faults within VMs
  • Automatically manages backup processes to protect local data from loss
  • Automatically clusters with other servers to share workload and deliver High Availability options

“Zynstra’s service has significantly simplified our Core IT estate. Zynstra ensures that I spend the maximum amount of time working with SOS customers. I’m confident that my team and I have the very best IT infrastructure backed by suppliers who take complete responsibility.”

Graham Colbourne, Systems Director, Solicitors Own Software

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