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At Zynstra, we strive to provide the very best support and care for both our partners and their customers.


We are committed to ensuring continuous availability of your service, to pro-actively monitor your solution 24×7 for any errors that could cause a loss of service and we commit to fixing these as responsively as possible.

We will repair or replace faulty hardware before the end of the next business day, after confirming a fault, at no additional charge.

We may elect to replace the server after 3 years use at no additional cost whilst you remain under contract for the Zynstra service.


We will ensure the Cloud Managed Server is protected against known security threats from malware, viruses, phishing and break-ins. Should an exploit breach our defences, we will eradicate it from the server.

We will ensure security software provided with the Cloud Managed Server is patched within 7 days of a verified vendor security patch release.

Any data backed up to a third party cloud service and therefore taken off your premises will be securely encrypted before its transfer away from your premise. For clarity, in regard to the Zynstra Cloud Managed Servers we do not:

  • Share your business data or meta data with third parties other than your contracted service provider partner
  • Monitor or collect your data, meta data or behaviour in order to sell you advertising or services
  • Decode your encrypted data in the cloud without your explicit permission and your active participation

Data Assurance

We backup your data locally on the server and enable immediate self-service recovery of old file versions.

Should you choose, we will back-up your data to a hosted cloud service and provide a recovery service that can restore files from any day in the last week, any week in the last quarter, any month in the last year or any year since the beginning of your contract.

If you lose access to your office/site or server we will recover your service in the cloud so that you can recommence using IT within 4 hours*, and provide service from the cloud for 10 days while a new server  is shipped to a location of your choice at no additional charge.

*4 hours is the window to provide access to the systems, but all data backed up may take longer to recover, dependant on volume of data and internet connection at customer premises.


At the end of the contract you may:

  • Renew your contract with an authorised partner
  • Purchase the server for the prescribed fee
  • Recover your data within 30 days of the end of the contract in a standard format

In the unlikely event that your supplier goes out of business, Zynstra will continue to provide your service for 30 days whilst you contract with another Zynstra supplier.

Thirty days post end of a contract, we will:

  • Destroy all copies of your data held on your behalf in the cloud
  • When your server is returned to us we will ensure data stored on disks within the server is also destroyed
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