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“Since our initial engagement with Zynstra we have created a strong partnership with them which has enabled us to provide clients with an interesting Hybrid Cloud offering. The Zynstra solution is backed by a supportive channel focused team and support infrastructure. The hybrid cloud has enabled us to offer clients a simplified approach to their IT while embracing cloud technology in a more pragmatic way – and the service model, coupled with their technology, has helped us realise additional revenue streams through a unique market offering.”

Stephen Howe, Head of Pre-Sales & Consultancy

Solsis partnered with Zynstra in early 2014 because the Hybrid Cloud solution was truly unique and enabled us to go to market with a clearly differentiated offering. The team at Zynstra have always worked very closely with our team, whether that be for pre-sales, implementation, support or marketing. It has been a breath of fresh air to work within a partner programme that really does feel like a partnership. The Hybrid cloud solution has helped us provide new and existing clients with an excellent alternative to traditional or full cloud, and provided a way for us to convert product revenues into recurring managed services.

Graham Stead, Director, Solsis Limited

“As an established Fully Managed Cloud provider, we recognized that a full Cloud Hosted solution was not always the best fit for some of our customers. We felt there was a gap in our portfolio between locally hosted on premise and fully hosted solutions and then along came Zynstra. Zynstra provides an ideal hybrid solution that not only completes our portfolio but provides the ideal solution for many of our valued customers.”

Jim Weston, Director of Infrastructure Services

“We were searching for a solution that addressed Microsoft retirement of the Small Business Server and SMB reluctance to incur enterprise-level expense for the enterprise-level capabilities. Zynstra is not only a solution to that problem but also to the endemic struggle of SMB to refresh their IT infrastructure at necessary intervals.”

George Hefter, Company President

“The Zynstra solution greatly simplifies the cost and IT experience for both the customer and their IT partner which is why we highly recommend Zynstra to both.”

Daniel Langton, President

“The Zynstra Hybrid Cloud enabled us to launch Easynet Hybrid Cloud, the UK’s first hybrid cloud service. Designed for IT Service Providers and Value Added Resellers, the service lets our partners standardise the IT they offer to small and medium businesses. It increases the quality and scalability of their support and reduces deployment risk while retaining the flexibility and performance of on-site IT and securing recurring revenues.”

Matthew Cantwell, Head of B2B Products

“Zynstra is the ideal partner for BTA as its innovative software product provides a great springboard for significant revenue growth and also addresses the needs and desires we are hearing consistently from prospects and customers with respect to embracing the Cloud and maintaining a Local IT presence.”

Richard Taberner, Managing Director

“We recognise that most customers seek a Hybrid IT environment today – both on-premise and cloud services. Being able offer that as a managed service through Zynstra is core to our business strategy.”

David Smart, Managing Director