Zynstra offers its channel partners a uniquely powerful proposition – a purpose built edge solution that is proven to help retail, ROBO, SMB and education organizations reduce costs, manage risk and deploy innovation across their entire edge estate at will.

What’s more, we’re committed to helping our partners drive sales, delivering a range of competitive Partner Programs to meet the demands of VARs, MSPs, System Integrators and IT Consultants.

The Market Opportunity

The demand for efficient, powerful edge-scale infrastructure is growing; a demand magnified by the number of outages and operational deficiencies experienced by retailers with distributed networks and businesses with remote offices and branches.

As a result, the market is ripe for a compelling edge IT proposition.

Zynstra’s Intelligent Infrastructure is purpose built for the edge.  It delivers high reliability and manages risk in every branch and store.

Meanwhile powerful automation capabilities centrally manage thousands of distributed sites at a fraction of the normal cost, and enables businesses to launch new sites, applications and services faster – be they retail stores or office branches.

What Does this Mean for You?

The headline opportunity is a chance to earn up to 30% recurring margin – and beat your competitors by offering your customers our compelling competitive solution.

Not only that, we deliver a standardized IT infrastructure that is fully integrated, kept up to date 24/7 and cloud managed. So, as well as a highly attractive proposition for your customer base, this is a solution that allows you to:

  • Increase your customer base without growing headcount
  • Free up skilled resources to deliver additional value-added services
  • Secure your future with high renewal rates
  • Drive efficiencies that result in increased profit

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The Flexibility You Need

All customers require different solutions and sometimes that makes partner support expensive and difficult to resource.

Not with Zynstra.

We provide a fully integrated infrastructure that is simple to install and offers near endless flexibility in configuration formats – so you can choose a format that suits each of your customers:

  • A standardized on-site IT
    • Networking services, AD, File and Print Services, Security and Firewall
    • Local standard applications
    • VMs for non-standard applications
  • A standardized Cloud IT
    • Cloud Backup, Cloud DR, Management and Monitoring tools
    • Integration with Cloud Applications such as Office 365
  • Kept current, secure and working by us 24/7
  • Includes all the licenses and hardware required on an OPEX basis
  • 1, 3 and 5 year contracts, pay monthly or annually in advance.


No Rip and Replace

On top of all that, there is no need to re-invent your customers’ IT.  Our solutions integrate easily into existing environments.

Incomparable Operational Efficiencies

Zynstra solutions are designed to deliver enterprise class IT performance at cost effective price points, and create huge operational efficiencies:

  • Low maintenance: As a Zynstra partner you give your customer a local, intelligently designed solution that is actively monitored, patched, secured and self-healing where practical.
  • Automatic back-up: An automated backup regime saves time and drives efficiencies while protecting peace of mind – and a low-cost Cloud Disaster Recovery service gets clients back up and running quickly if the worst should happen.
  • Centralized Management: Provide your customers with well-designed monitoring and management interfaces for key tasks – all of which can be delivered under your brand, bundled with other services and solutions you provide.

Cloud economics. On-premises Comfort

Zynstra believes that the future of on premise IT is at the core part of a wider cloud business model.

Why should you be unable to profitably deliver IT as a service on-premise?  Why not provide that service at a predictable monthly fee without any capital expenditure required?

With Zynstra you can deliver that expectation and experience through our intelligent automated infrastructure – a cloud business model where on premise and cloud services are seamlessly integrated.

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