No More Stretched Edge Resource

Most edge IT environments are supported by short-handed teams stretched thin as they strive to cover complex heritage datacenter solutions. Inevitably the focus is on keeping the lights on – there is no time for innovation.

Zynstra changes everything - there’s no need for any local IT skills, so edge IT staff can focus on driving business value.

How it works

Purpose-built Edge Scale Technology that Delivers Efficiency, Speed, Reliability and Control.

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It’s not about STRETCHING generic datacenter technology to fit the edge or PATCHING up legacy edge compute assets...

...this misses the point.

Drastically Reduced Support Overheads

Ongoing retail edge IT management is a challenge. The level of support overhead associated with keeping systems patched and up to date is huge.

Zynstra’s patented Keep Current technology takes the strain out of keeping your retail edge patched and up to date. It automates key management processes to make your edge self-directed and self-healing – and drastically reduces support overheads.

NCR and Zynstra commissioned Forrester Consulting to conduct a Total Economic Impact™ (TEI) study and examine the potential return on investment (ROI) enterprises may realize by deploying their Software Defined Store solution. The study confirmed a 164% ROI.

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Keep Current

No more disruption from end of life IT. No more time-consuming IT refreshes. No more unpredictable Capex investment.

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“What the research shows is that retailers, with their unique technical requirements, are constantly striving for solutions that help them not only be more efficient today, but will help them meet the future demand and evolution of branch IT.”
- Nick East, CEO of Zynstra

Find out what Retail IT Professionals want and the challenges they face.

Edge Server v Datacenter Skills

A datacenter approach assumes you have expensive datacenter IT resources such as a clean high capacity networking environment with lots of compute and storage resource to throw workloads at. Edge solutions shouldn’t expect to demand such levels of skill, as it becomes expensive and restrictive to send specialists to site.

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