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How it works

Zynstra’s expert team has integrated hardware, virtualization, software and cloud services to create a solution that just works. No one else has invested so much in creating an enterprise grade hybrid IT solution that meets the needs of SMBs, branch offices, education, retail and many more industries.

Cloud Managed Servers

IT users experience secure, reliable access to their Windows, Linux and SaaS applications thanks to Zynstra’s unique Cloud Management Platform and Keep Current service.

But it is the Zynstra secret sauce that makes it all possible – Carefully selected servers from HPE and virtualization technology used by some of the biggest cloud vendors in the world, combined with rigorously tested network, security and cloud integration.

Zynstra Cloud Managed Servers are fast to deploy, easy to provision, centrally managed, always up to date and always consistent. All this is made possible because our services are backed by a dedicated engineering team, and a DevOps environment that enables rapid feature development.

Zynstra combines the latest virtualization technology, found at the heart of some of the biggest cloud service providers today, and applies it to our on-premises Cloud Managed Servers. The server’s CPU, memory and storage are virtualized for easy allocation to each IT function.

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Zynstra – How IT Works




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