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Hybrid IT Platform

Zynstra Hybrid IT delivers the best of both worlds: Data can be secured locally and distributed to staff across multiple sites and offices. So remote users can VPN into their network for secure access to data or use Office 365, because Zynstra can back this up to the on premise server.

Meeting the challenge of delivering Hybrid IT

When considering a new IT solution, an organization must evaluate cloud services the same way they evaluate their on-premises systems, considering security, reliability, cost, and skills. Which is of most concern will vary depending on individual needs.

One of the biggest challenges is underestimating the cost and effort of a migration to the cloud. There is often an assumption that cloud services require less skills and require less upfront investment. Often, neither of these expectations are met. Migrating to cloud based technology does not automatically give you cloud-like economics.

Even with a large percentage of services in the cloud, local IT requirements must be addressed and, crucially, integrated with the cloud services. This is entirely achievable, but a ‘bespoke’ or DIY Hybrid IT solution using common off the shelf services, servers and integrations has a lot of moving parts that require skilled integration and on-going maintenance and upgrades.

For example, moving from managing security on a Windows-based LAN today, to a Hybrid IT environment would require the design and management of numerous additional security technologies: Requiring single sign-on to multiple cloud-services over the internet using ADFS; Remote access to local data and application secured by VPN; And even multi-site integration using IPSEC. The implications of moving even part of an IT system in to the cloud can be daunting. And the cost of getting it wrong is severe.

The upshot is that putting together your own hybrid solution may be able to deliver your functional requirements but it often misses cost, reliability and security expectations.

The Zynstra approach

Zynstra’s approach is to solve this with a robust, tested, consistent solution delivered to all customers, giving enormous economies of scale in terms of design, integration and maintenance of the Hybrid IT solution. By doing this at scale, and enabling Cloud Management of every server, Zynstra is able to offer cloud-economics for a zero-capex, monthly subscription fee.

Learn more about how the Zynstra Hybrid IT platform works:

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