Zynstra’s multi-tier cloud management platform delivers secure and highly optimized IT management for every customer across their retail estate, with no need to travel to individual sites.

This enables your IT team or partner to provide unparalleled levels of service and responsiveness while ensuring enterprise-grade reliability and fast resolution of any issues.

I don’t have to travel between sites to manage server issues. Everything can be managed from a portal, via the cloud, from my desktop or anywhere. Plus, not having to pay and deal with separate third party IT service providers creates huge cost savings.

Joe Bladon
IT systems manager, Learn Academies Trust

User Control

For administrators or super-users, the User Control Console provides an easy to use web-based interface for adding new users, password management and service status monitoring.

The dashboard shows a red-amber-green status for high-level service categories, and any of these items can be selected to show underlying service test results and any alerts. Service categories include: Cloud Backup, Network, Disk Space, Security, File Sharing, and Local Backup.

This interface gives you reassurance that you are getting the service you expect and provides visibility of any service-affecting problems that Zynstra or your IT admins are probably already fixing.

For IT administrators, access to the full feature Active Directory interface is also available via secure VPN connection, for maximum flexibility.

How IT Works

Zynstra’s Cloud Management Platform collates the results of 200 automatic tests, on each edge server, every few minutes.


These tests simulate the end user experience of the service. For example, one test sends an email to check that the email server is working correctly. Another test copies a file on the user file system. Tests even include placing a simulated virus on the file system to check that the anti-virus service picks it up and quarantines it.

A web-based interface provides a service monitoring dashboard with the ability to drill in to the test results and status of individual IT services.

The goal is to ensure that the status seen on this screen represents the end user experience, rather than being a long list of low level tests, warnings or alerts which may or may not actually impact the end user in practice.

This allows Zynstra and IT administrators to quickly identify service-impacting issues and determine the implications for the users.

Gateway Control

All Zynstra’s Edge Servers include a Gateway Control Console for administering the next generation firewall, web filter, AV and spam protection functions.

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