Zynstra makes backing up your edge servers easy. Enterprise class hardware, mirrored disk arrays and automatic local data backups minimize disruption and ensure your data and applications are available. What’s more, if the worst should happen, we can offer recovery services to restore files or entire servers.

How IT Works

Back Up: Reliable, Resilient File Storage

All our Edge Servers use a resilient array of physical hard disks. Even if a disk fails, no data is lost and your IT keeps working. It also gets fixed, because every server includes a care-package to fix or replace faulty hardware.

If a user’s file is accidentally deleted, corrupted or modified, it’s easy to restore previous versions. Zynstra’s file system automatically maintains a history of files – locally, on the server. Users can easily restore previous versions of files, or whole folders, from their desktop operating system.

The best backup solutions ensure your data isn’t all stored in one place – accordingly, Zynstra offers two solutions for off-site backup:

Cloud Backup: All servers have the option of a Cloud Backup and Disaster Recovery service. Changes to data on the server – including user files, settings and applications – are encrypted before being backed-up to cloud storage every night. In the event of a major incident that damages your server or closes your office, Zynstra makes user files and managed Zynstra applications available via the cloud. The same backup data is then used to build a replacement server, ready for business-as-usual to resume.

RDX Removable Storage: The HP RDX Removable Disk Backup System is certified for use with Zynstra’s entry-level servers, enabling backup of the entire server to a rugged, removable disk cartridge. Organizations then have the option to securely store these cartridges in a fire-safe or off-site storage facility.

Disaster Recovery: Back up and Running Fast

Sometimes things can go really wrong. Fire, flood, theft or other major incidents can disrupt one or more stores or sites. Zynstra Cloud Disaster Recovery services are designed to get you back up and running fast.

In the event of your edge server being destroyed or inaccessible, we use your cloud backup to make data and Zynstra managed applications available in the cloud. Users can securely access their files and connect to managed applications – like Exchange email, Remote Desktop Services, ePOS and so on – in exactly the same way as they would remotely connect to a physical server – using a secure VPN connection.

IT just keeps working, while you focus on getting your store up and running again – and while we prepare a new Edge Server for you. If your server needs replacing, Zynstra will ship a new one – ready to be restored from your last cloud backup files.

All this means no costly IT consultancy or hardware expenses are incurred at a time when you can least afford it: Zynstra’s Cloud Backup and Disaster Recovery services includes off-site backup, business continuity, and a replacement server when you need it – all for a predictable monthly price.

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