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Intelligent Edge

The Intelligent Control Plane makes it easy to commission, manage, control and update hundreds or thousands of sites across your entire edge estate – treating it as a holistic, integrated entity, rather than individual, independent sites.

The Intelligent Control Plane takes on the day-to-day heavy lifting – all patches and updates are automatically applied and all edge infrastructure is continuously tested to ensure everything is running correctly. And if you roll out a new site, the Intelligent Control Plane makes sure everything goes smoothly.

The Intelligent Edge is a virtualized edge server that sits in your retail store. It’s an edge scale, hyperconverged core, comprising virtualized compute, storage and networking that’s deployed on-site. It provides a platform to operate your in-store front and back office applications because it contains a local instance of the Intelligent Control Plane, making it possible to control and monitor these workloads. It also provides the security and PCI DSS compliance required in a retail environment. It can run local applications in the store, such as RFID, Payments, CCTV or managers back office PC. And it includes optional on-site infrastructure services, such as Firewall, File Share, Local Networking and Business Continuity capabilities.

This virtualization technology drives change in the store and is a key part of our business strategy. By removing hardware dependencies we gain more flexibility, improved TCO and standardization of stores with better manageability
and configuration.

Edward Dzadovsky
VP North America IT, Circle K

What is the economic value of the Software Defined Store?

How IT Works

One of the best things about this new technology is that it doesn't require an upgrade to legacy systems. It can optimize both the customer and employee experience using existing technology. It removes the concern that our existing hardware is going to hold us back from introducing new technology that will help Pilot.

Josh Birdwell
Senior Director, Guest Systems & Application Development
Our Virtualized Point of Sale software is built on our Intelligent Edge capability and delivers specific applications for retail stores that break the hardware/software linkage for increased ROI. It reduces the store IT bill of materials and operating costs significantly, while increasing performance, reliability and security. The applications are available for new and old POS systems and peripherals:

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