We recently hosted an event for senior executives within the retail industry, in which our panelists discussed The Future of Retail.

The full line-up included in-depth discussions with Sir Keith Mills, British entrepreneur and founder of Air Miles and Nectar loyalty programmes and George Lawrie, senior Forrester Retail Analyst, followed by a lively and insightful panel discussion featuring, Paul Bosher, Global Head of Consumer Insight from Walgreens Boots Alliance; Atul Bhardwarj, former Group CIO of Tesco; David Buckingham, CEO of Ecrebo; and Zynstra CEO Nick East.

This covers the main talking points from the event.

Retailers face multiple new challenges


Customer service will lead the way

Sir Keith Mills discusses the increasing need to take staff away from day-to-day tasks that can be automated, and focus more on customer service.

With this focus on customer service in mind, George Lawrie from Forrester introduces the concept of the Empowered Customer.

The Empowered Customer


What does the Empowered Customer Demand?

So, creating a personable, convenient retail environment is key...

Creating a personable customer experience


Generating customer loyalty

How can this be achieved?

Bridge the gap between online & offline


Without overloading focus on consumer apps…


The biggest danger I think [retailers] face is failing to change. The world is littered with companies that just don't understand how quickly things are moving.

Sir Keith Mills
With all eyes fixed on Amazon Go, many are considering how to keep up by redefining the in-store experience.

Frictionless sales vs Interactive sales


The Battleground has moved to the store

What technology is needed to process and automate this new seamless customer experience?

Retail Edge software is becoming increasingly prevalent


To drive the digital transformation of stores


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