Transforming IT for Remote Office and Branches

Remote and branch offices need powerful IT, but must minimize the cost of supporting IT at the edge.

Zynstra Intelligent Edge technology significantly reduces the cost of managing a distributed IT network. Its powerful automation enables central management of remote and distributed sites at vastly reduced cost - and reduces the burden on central IT resources.

But Zynstra does more than simply cut costs.

Uniquely purpose-built for the edge, it includes Zynstra’s patented Keep Current technology, which ensures your IT is always patched and up to date - secure and maintained - regardless of the number of sites you manage.


Zynstra provides powerful IT to our remote branches. The Zynstra solution delivers an extremely simple roll-out process to add new sites as the business grows, offers a proactively maintained and monitored platform, and, by keeping the system up to date, help keeps us secure against threats, all without needing IT expertise locally.

Andrew Bowler,
IT Director, W.E. Cox

A New Era for Remote Office and Branch IT

The demands on remote and branch IT solutions are growing every day – which means big challenges for organizations operating edge computing technology.  They include:

A shortage of local IT skills

Spiraling remote site support costs

Increased demand for advanced local applications

Lack of consistency across all sites

Fragmented and inconsistent network functions.

At its heart this challenge is about the need to support an ever-evolving array of advanced applications at the edge – but to do so through easy central control rather than local support.

However, current edge computing solutions simply cannot meet these twin goals.  They rely on stretching datacenter technology or simply patching legacy edge computing assets – approaches that inevitably create ill-fitting and inefficient edge environments.

The truth is, a new approach is required.

It’s time to rethink edge computing – only intelligent automation can transform the economics, speed and responsiveness of your remote and branch edge.

By providing a standardized technology platform across all remote sites and branches Zynstra delivers just that.

Our Intelligent Edge solution overcomes your key challenges at the edge – to put you back in control.  It allows you to cloud manage all your sites from one centralized IT location, without the need for expensive local support or costly site visit.

We transform your remote and branch edge IT into an integrated, end to end, centrally managed solution, rather than a collection of disparate sites and services. The ability to centrally define, deliver and control the entire edge IT estate as an integrated solution changes the fundamental nature and cost of edge IT.

A New Architecture

We have taken the latest developments in hyperconvergence, virtualization and cloud management and delivered them at edge scale – to deliver the first purpose built edge computing technology.

Our Intelligent Control Plane automates the management of distributed edges.  It underpins business integrity and operational excellence - ensuring edge IT is always up to date and accelerating time to value for innovation at the edge.

The Zynstra edge solution offers a variety of deployment options, which can be closely tailored to your business to ensure you get the most efficient and scalable solution and maximum performance. It can work behind an existing MPLS network or, where there isn’t one, Zynstra edge servers at each site can be networked together to form a VPN over the public Internet.

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