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Why Hybrid IT?

Hybrid IT typically refers to the convergence and integration of on-premises IT usually run in a private cloud and remotely hosted IT services, including those run in a public cloud.


Hybrid IT is the new norm

It is a firmly held belief by industry leaders, analysts and media that a hybrid approach will be the end state in the evolution of cloud technology.

 “Ovum’s ICT Enterprise Insights survey indicates that more than 80% of organizations will be using some form of hybrid cloud by 2015.”

Roy Illsey, Ovum on the Radar Feb 2014

This option provides the greatest opportunity to increase flexibility, ensure your organization is able to become more agile and respond to market, competitor and industry trends. The combination of a more cost-effective OPEX financial model and secure future-proof technology ensures your IT supports and protects your organization today, tomorrow and beyond.

 “Hybrid IT environments (combining on-premises and cloud) will remain the foreseeable norm.”

Gartner, 2014 SMB Scenario

A hyperconverged architecture

Hyperconvergence is an architecture that tightly integrates compute, storage, virtualization and other IT functions into a single Cloud Managed Server, based on industry standard hardware, delivered as an integrated package. If you need more storage or compute power, or other IT resource, you simply buy another hyperconverged server that automatically integrates with your existing resources.

At Zynstra we are committed to bringing the benefits of hyperconvergence to the SMB in order to deliver a true hybrid IT environment, because we believe that this technological approach not only brings true benefits today, but is the cornerstone upon which future SMB IT will be built.


Why do I need it?

Until now, small and mid-sized businesses have been encouraged to decide between on-premises IT or remotely hosted cloud services.

In addition as of mid-July 2015 several historically key technologies will cease to be supported and this will be a real issue for a significant number of organizations who rely on legacy solutions such as Microsoft Exchange 2003, Windows Server 2003 and Small Business Server 2003.

There are millions of servers deployed worldwide that need to be upgraded or replaced before the operating systems and applications fall out of support and dramatically increase the risk of operational outages, data loss and security breaches.

Hyperconvergence is often described in the context of addressing the challenges of large data centers and enterprise IT complexity. However, at Zynstra we believe that hyperconvergence, in the correct form factor, can bring massive benefits to the small to medium businesses or sites today.

The Zynstra Approach

Zynstra’s Hybrid IT as a Service delivers enterprise-grade hybrid IT enabling customers to choose the right blend of local and cloud IT to scale with their organization, without the need for upfront capital costs or expensive future upgrades. You choose where your data is located, who accesses what, where and how. We take care of the rest.

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