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On-Demand: A higher impact approach to IT investment - archive

Having doubts over the value for money or level of service you are getting from IT? Feeling like your current IT is holding your business back?

Join our expert panel on this 45-minute webinar to discover how Hybrid IT as a Service could be the best option for your business.

What does Windows Server 2003 End of Support mean for your business? - archive

Windows Server 2003 End of Support presents a number of challenges for your business. Ignoring the problem isn’t a great strategy as no more support and no more updates will put your organization at risk sooner or later.

Branch IT and the omni-channel customer experience - archive

Roger Sowerbutts, VP EMEA at Zynstra, covers how a strong focus on Customer Experience, maintaining the consistency of the experience across the retail Omni-channel model, and how critical a solid IT infrastructure is to support this.

Eliminate Multi-Site IT Complexity - featured

We know that managing a multi-site IT environment can be a real headache – but it needn’t be. It’s time to discover a simpler, better approach. Book your place on this essential webinar now, to hear expert analyst views and practical advice from a leading company that has already undergone the Hybrid IT transformation.