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Reducing Complexity

IT innovation has been accelerating at an astonishing rate. Many organizations and IT departments are struggling to adopt new capabilities, and are missing out on technology that can deliver significant results.

The cloud promises simplicity

Cloud has become the next big thing because it delivers worry-free IT and applications, on a simple pay-as-you-go basis, without the hassle of building, maintaining and upgrading it yourself.

You can get access to an application within minutes of paying for it, delivering an immediate ROI without the associated implementation risk.

Enterprise IT for SMB

Enterprises have the luxury of on-site and cloud IT in order to deliver optimum performance. Mainly because they have the IT resource to cater for this type of infrastructure. For small and medium size organizations without this level of IT support, the impact of complex and outdated IT can prove a real burden.

What they require is enterprise grade IT but without the costs associated with this level of IT. Even if you are comfortable adopting cloud services for data storage and your chosen applications, if you have a building with local IT users you still need to deliver IT infrastructure services to keep you running and securely connected with the outside world. So how can you reduce the complexity of multiple on-site point solutions while maintaining a robust and secure IT infrastructure?

How Zynstra helps

Zynstra delivers an on-premises IT infrastructure server that gives you all the local IT services you need, while reducing complexity since everything you need is included. You also have the flexibility to integrate multiple cloud applications such as Office 365.

All your specification requirements are pre-installed from manufacture, and you just need to setup users, transfer your file data, and migrate any applications if you want them to run the local Server.

Zynstra still leaves you control (if you want) through simple user-interfaces for day-to-day activities, or full Active Directory administration if you need it.

Zynstra is the Cloud you control, on your premises, delivering the local IT services you need as-as-service.

Learn more about how Zynstra’s Cloud Managed Servers reduce complexity while adding value to your IT:

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