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Growing Your Business

Growing a business is an exciting journey, fraught with pain, joy and stress. The rewards can be incredible, but success creates new problems for business owners and IT Managers to deal with.

IT is a critical enabler for the modern business. According to Evolving Workforce Research, TNS Global 2014, 76% of employees feel that technology has had an influence in the way they work in the past year.

Perhaps more importantly, in the same study, one out of four employees globally would likely be influenced by the technology provided to them to take a new position or leave a current one.

Growing pains

Cloud services were designed initially to support applications such as website hosting and e-commerce platforms. These applications have to cope with the demands of peak browsing and shopping activity, and flexibly scale up and down as demand dictates.

New applications are becoming available via the cloud every day, but for many of us with a site, or those of us with specialist applications, we still need a local IT infrastructure to support them.

According to the Cloud Industry Forum white paper “Normalisation of Cloud”, 55% of organizations intend to keep specific applications and services on-site, and another 16% say the cloud proposition is not yet ready for them to make the move.


Inflexible on-premises IT

The problem with local IT is that you have to specify how much you need in advance, and you have to make an educated guess about how much room for growth you’ll need in the next 3-5 years, the lifetime of a typical on-site IT infrastructure.

Forecasting what your business will look like next year is challenging enough, let alone knowing what you’ll need in 5 years’ time, so many of us end up buying way more IT than we need at a premium now, or finding ourselves caught short and having to upgrade way sooner than we intended, wasting precious capital.

How Zynstra helps

Zynstra Hybrid IT allows you to flexibly expand and grow the on-site infrastructure you need. Choose the server that’s right for your business now in the knowledge that you can scale up or down subject to your future business requirements and applications:

  • Add new sites in your home country or abroad.
  • Cluster on-site servers to gain more local storage.
  • Swap out a smaller server for a larger one if you out grow it.

Zynstra is the on-site IT that grows with your organization, eliminating the threat of wasting precious capital through an IT investment that you outgrow sooner than expected.

Learn more about how Zynstra’s Cloud Managed Servers can scale with your business:

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