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Security is built into the architecture of Zynstra Cloud Managed Servers, and our Keep Current technology maintains an up to date, security environment.

Hybrid IT security

Hybrid IT implementations need end to end security. Zynstra Cloud Managed Servers provide advanced on-premise security, secure interaction with cloud services, and a secure cloud management platform.

On-premise security

Zynstra Cloud Managed Servers provide a hardened virtualized platform, with security built in to all aspects of the solution. This includes an integrated firewall, or the ability to operate behind a corporate firewall if required, active intrusion detection, single purpose VM’s to reduce attack vectors, and the ability to control access privileges and credentials for local and remote users.

Cloud security

All data backed up to the cloud is encrypted at source on-premise, and remains encrypted in transit and in storage.

Cloud management for multi-site branch security

For multi-site and branch requirements, highly secure, distributed management and configuration are essential. This requires secured access to the on-site server, ensuring that the management system undertakes essential security processes, and that management access and control is restricted to authorized systems.  Zynstra Cloud Managed Servers connect to the management system via a secure VPN with single sign on, and provides events logging, active intrusion detection and file system integrity monitoring. In addition, servers are closely coupled so that access is strictly restricted and are only accessible by their dedicated management system.

Keep Current

Security applications need to be kept up to date on an ongoing basis. Most security breaches arise because systems are not kept up to date with the most recent patches. Zynstra Keep Current technology does as the name describes – it keeps security infrastructure current through automated processes across multiple distributed sites.

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